Holiday Detector enables non-destructive coating inspection.

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SPY® Model 670 incorporates wetted flat or roller sponge as electrode to detect holidays with pinhole accuracy, reducing inspection time for large, flat surface areas. Powered by 9 V battery, unit weighs 3 lb and detects coating defects as thin as 1 mil. When holiday is found, signal light and horn are emitted. Water is used as conductor on sponges for coatings from 1-10 mil. Non-foaming wetting agents are suited for coatings from 11-20 mil.

Original Press Release:

Fast, Non-Destructive Coatings Inspections

Houston TX - Lightweight and compact holiday detectors from Pipeline Inspection Company Ltd. streamline paint, epoxy and coating inspections. The SPY® Model 670 incorporates a wetted flat or roller sponge as an electrode to detect holidays with pinhole accuracy. The roller sponge electrode option reduces inspection time for large flat surface areas. The flat sponge best suits contoured surfaces and tight space inspections. Coating defects on coatings as thin as one mil can be detected with high accuracy and without harm to the coating. With the unit weighing only 3 lbs., operator fatigue is significantly reduced. One standard 9-volt battery powers these highly accurate detectors for hours. When a holiday is found, an electrical path is completed activating a signal light and horn. Water is used as a conductor on sponges for coatings ranging from 1 to 10 mils. Non-foaming wetting agents are recommended for coatings ranging from 11 to 20 mils. For more details visit our new website or contact:

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