Holding It All Together with Composite Decking

With spring on the way, thoughts start to turn to nights of grilling out on the deck. But whether you've had a deck for a while, or are in the market to install one, you likely know all about the treatment, maintenance, and cleaning that goes into keeping a wood deck looking good. Improper pretreating during construction can lead to years of warped and rotting wood, and then there are the countless hours of power washing, repainting, and repairing. What's the solution? Composite decking.

Composite decking is made from a combination of wood and plastic, giving the attractive look that everyone wants in a deck, while vastly decreasing maintenance time and treatment needs. No more worries about warping and dangerous rotting: composite decking provides the best of both worlds, plastic and wood. As experts in metal fabrication and stamping, StampSource manufactures the hardware packages that make assembling these decks possible. Rather than traditional hammer and nails, composite decks are built using metal brackets and frames, in materials from brass to stainless steel. StampSource's parts make installation easy, a matter of fitting all the pieces together rather than constructing a deck 2x4 by 2x4.

Once the deck is completed, the work is done. From the deck surface to the railings to the stairs, everything is held safely and securely together by metal stamped pieces like StampSource's. For more information, be sure to visit our site today.


Larry Taggart, President




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