Hoggan Scientific Announces Upcoming Appearance at the ErgoExpo December 4-7

Industrial and medical diagnostic tools company Hoggan Scientific is announcing its participation at the Las Vegas ErgoExpo this December 4-7, 2012.

SALT LAKE CITY, - Hoggan Scientific, a company that specializes in force evaluation tools, will be attending the ErgoExpo in Las Vegas, N.V. on December 4-7, 2012. The company, available at www.HogganHealth.net, will be showcasing its extensive selection of push and pull force gauges at the conference. Medical and industrial engineering professionals can visit Hoggan Scientific's booth for product information and a giveaway.

"We haven't exhibited at the ErgoExpo in several years, and we're excited to be back at the conference. We encourage expo attendees to come find Hoggan Scientific at booth 405 to learn more about our ergonomic force evaluation products. We will be highlighting our line of devices that can measure and quantify human and product performance for ergonomic professionals. ErgoExpo participants can also enter our product and software giveaway when they visit our booth," said Cynthia McKenna, Director of Sales at Hoggan Scientific.

The ErgoExpo focuses on showcasing new ways for professionals to reduce workplace-related injuries and boost productivity. The conference will feature speakers and exhibits designed to help professionals build a cost-effective ergonomics program. Companies can also learn about health and wellness programs that can improve productivity and help them save money in the long-term.

Hoggan Scientific will be exhibiting items from its line of ergonomic products, such as the ergoFET push and pull force gauge, the ergoGLOVE thin and flexible force sensing resistors, and the ergoPAK portable analysis kit. The ergoFET force gauge is a wireless, handheld push and pull measurement device that simulates actual job tasks. The gauge has a 300-pound force capacity, easy-to-read LCD windows, and is accurate within 1% of full scale. The ergoFET displays peak force and duration in seconds and can store up to 30 tests.

The ergoGLOVE is a stand-alone testing system that measures pressure points between the hand and fingers and external surfaces, tools, and machines. The sensors are thin, flexible, and have minimal interference with action or performance. This product can be used both in sync with the mechanics gloves or finger cots provided as well as with other gloves; it can also be applied directly to the skin or other surfaces.

The ergoGLOVE can also be used in conjunction with the ergoPAK. This portable analysis kit allows for users to customize their kits to meet their individual force measurement needs. The ergoPAK uses wireless radio frequency, which allows for free motion and data capture within a 100-foot radius, and is compact and portable enough to make it ideal for field data capture without job interference. The pack includes a device hub, wireless receiver, FDC FET data collection software, USB cable, coiled cord, AC adapter, and belt clip.

ErgoExpo attendees who are interested in learning more about Hoggan Scientific's range of ergonomic testing products can visit the company at booth 405. Additionally, those who register at the company's booth will be entered to win Hoggan Scientific's giveaway, which includes one of the company's ergonomic testing products and accompanying software.

To learn more about Hoggan Scientific and its selection of force measurement gauges, visit www.HogganHealth.net or call 800-678-7888 to speak to a company representative.

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