Hoffer ICE "Integrated Cryogenic Electronics" Receives MID Approval for Europe

Elizabeth City, NC - Hoffer Flow Controls' ICE "Integrated Cryogenic Electronics" has officially received MID Approval for Europe which will accompany the US NTEP approval received early in 2011.

The ICE features a user-friendly interface, 4.3" full color LCD touch screen, and easy-to-access panel-sealed push buttons. The ICE was designed with the operator in mind allowing direct access to all measurement and configuration parameters including four distinct modes of operation - Delivery, Maintenance, Turbine Calibration, and System Configuration. A numeric keypad feature on the touch screen allows easy entry of data parameters and password encryption by authorized personnel. ICE's sturdy aluminum enclosure is equipped with shock mounts but can be fitted with an optional articulated bracket. Its back panel is fitted with environmentally sealed, military style electrical connectors for all standard and optional I/O connections.

ICE supports measurement of several predefined liquids: LIN, LOX, LAR, CO2 Single Pipe, CO2 Dual Pipe, LN2O, and LNG.

For many years, the Hoffer ACE-B has been the cryogenic flow computer of choice for the cryogenic industry. Said Bob Carrell, President of Hoffer Flow Controls, "We've worked diligently to develop a unit that would provide the industry with the best in cryogenic flow measurement, and we feel that we have accomplished this with our ICE unit." He added, "We're proud to say that the ICE has been very well received in the industry due to its updated and user-friendly design."

In February, Hoffer will begin offering the ICE and ACE II units exclusively for cryogenic tanker applications and will end the production of the Hoffer ACE-B flow computer. For more information about the ICE Integrated Cryogenic Electronics or questions regarding the ACE-B please contact Hoffer at 800-628-4584, or email the company at info@hofferflow.com.

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