Hodei Technology Announces Glass Enterprise Edition 2 That Enables Customer to Resolve Issues in Real Time

Press Release Summary:

  • Provides enhanced functionality and flexibility for enterprise clients for improving operational efficiency and productivity
  • Offers accessibility to all necessary troubleshooting materials on a wearable device
  • Allows companies to utilize resources effectively and safely

Original Press Release:

Hodei Technology, LLC and H.B. Fuller See Benefits From New Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Glass partner, Hodei Technology, is making Glass Enterprise Edition 2 available to customers.

INDIANAPOLIS (PRWEB) MAY 25, 2019 - Hodei Technology, LLC is now offering Glass Enterprise Edition 2 as part of its suite of telepresence solutions to customers.

“We are excited to announce the integration of the new Glass Enterprise Edition 2 into our suite of real-time telepresence solutions,” said Guy Mascaro, CEO Hodei Technology. “This new version of Glass has several feature enhancements which allow us to provide Enterprise clients with broader functionality, easier integration, and greater flexibility in deployment…empowering them to realize increased productivity, improved operational efficiency and drive stakeholder value to new heights.”

H.B. Fuller is one such Hodei Technology client finding value in deploying Hodei’s Glass Enterprise Edition-centric solution – GEMINI – across its global business and with customers. H.B. Fuller has provided innovative adhesive solutions for over 130 years in use today in everything from electronic devices and solar energy arrays to next generation textiles and food packaging. The company continues to focus on innovation by bringing together people, products, and processes that solve some of the world’s greatest manufacturing challenges.

To help address challenges on the manufacturing floor that were impacting productivity, increasing costs and potentially jeopardizing the company’s ability to provide the highest level of customer service, H.B. Fuller replaced their handheld devices with Hodei Technology’s handsfree “plug and play” solution – GEMINI. “Hodei’s solution using Glass enables H.B. Fuller’s employees to focus on the task at hand, rather than technology in their hand,” explained Jason Sagstetter, Senior Project Manager H.B. Fuller. “Since implementing the Hodei and Glass telepresence system, we’ve improved customer service processes, increased productivity, and cut costs, all while keeping safety at the forefront.”

By allowing experts to be virtually omnipresent through Hodei’s telepresence capabilities leveraging Glass, and by providing access to all the necessary troubleshooting materials on a wearable device, H.B. Fuller employees and customers can resolve issues in real time. This allows the company to make better use of its existing resources, work more safely, and ultimately save time and money.

To learn more about H.B. Fuller’s successful journey partnering with Hodei Technology and leveraging the power of Glass Enterprise Edition 2, please visit Partner Stories at https://hodeitech.com.

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