HMC provides small to medium production batch machining.

Press Release Summary:

Model MCH 250 offers working range of 800 x 800 x 800 mm. It includes 43 kw spindle drive, capable of 45-6,000 rpm and 955 Nm torque. Machine moves at 50,000 mm/s rapid traverse with 4 m/sec² acceleration. Pallets are changed within 12 sec, permitting simultaneous part loading and machining. Rotary indexing table includes pin-type pallet alignment for 0.1 mm repeatability. Tool changer serves 50-100 tool chain magazine or up to 400-tool universal rack magazine.

Original Press Release:

New HELLER HMCs Demonstrate Flexible High-Speed Performance

Designed for fast, flexible, high-performance production machining, the new HELLER MCH 250 horizontal machining center with a working range of 800mm x 800mm x 800mm is ideal for small to medium production batch machining in the automotive, pump and compressor, medical devices, and other fields.

Leading a superclass of production machining centers, the MCH 250 boasts high-torque for heavy metal removal, high-speed rapid traverse, and superfast acceleration supported by fast tool and pallet change and rigid one-piece bed construction for high
precision machining. The flexible MCH 250 is designed for palletized production, cell operation, or stand-alone applications.

The standard MCH 250 is equipped with a 43 kw spindle drive, capable of 45-6000 rpm and delivering a high 955 Nm torque for productive machining of any material, An optional High Speed package offers 20% greater speed with 75% faster acceleration:
the MCH 250 High Speed features a 72 kw spindle drive turning 45-12500 rpm. While the standard machine moves at 50,000 mm/s rapid traverse all axes with 4 m/sec² acceleration, the high speed model achieves 60,000 mm/sec and acceleration of 7 m/sec².

Fast spindle speeds are only the beginning of the series' rapid part processing capabilities, and a combination of well-developed features make the MCH 250 an ideal solution for high-speed high-productivity machining.

Pallets are changed within 12 seconds, permitting simultaneous part loading and machining and further reducing chip-to-chip times. All Heller CNC rotary tables provide a fully capable feed axis, and are several times faster than Hirth-coupled tables. The rotary indexing table includes pin-type pallet alignment for 0.1 mm repeatability. Work is easily accessible from three sides for manual for automated loading and unloading.

The rugged and reliable mechanical tool changer serves a 50-100 tool chain magazine or up to 400-tool universal rack magazine and is capable of 4.1 sec (VDI) chip-to-chip toolchange. The CNC chooses the shortest tool selection path.

As with all Heller machining centers, pre-loaded roller bearing guideways in all axes assure high positioning accuracy, zero backlash. The cast iron, gantry-design, thermosymmetrically constructed column, and one-piece bed are FEA optimized for stability and rigidity. The pallet changer is integrated into the bed as are X and Y deed drives.

Along with speed, the Heller machine tools also provide world-class accuracy: 0.2 microns resolution, 7 microns positioning accuracy, according to the standard for machine tool positioning accuracy VDI DGQ 3441. Any position within the work envelope
can be reached to within 7 microns. Accuracy is even better when axis travels are well within the bandwidth, according to the company. Heidenhain glass scales assure accurate indication of all axis positions.

The MCH 250 machining centers are equipped with HSK 100 toolholders for maximum rigidity at high spindle speeds, minimizing chatter. Most cutting tools now in the field- actually work most efficiently at speeds less than 20,000 rpm.

Much of today's inaccurate machining is a result of improper processing, inadequate clamping and flimsy workpiece design, according to Heller. Inadequate fixtures must be constantly adjusted to keep machining within acceptable limits, wasting time, and increasing job processing cost. The company also will work with users to develop the best process and fixturing.

Heller is long-experienced in engineering world-class production capability. More than 600 Heller manufacturing systems and 2000 machining centers are installed worldwide making all types of complex, high-accuracy parts, from engine blocks and crankshafts to medical devices.

Other Heller machining center solutions include the multi-spindle HCS headchangers for mid-high volume production, MCS machining centers for frequent changeover applications, and the MC series of compact horizontal machining centers.

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