Hitch minimizes RV handling problems due to rough roads.

Press Release Summary:

Air Ride Hitch System, made of self-lubricating composite material that moves hitch in 6 directions, maintains level position independently. Hitch evenly distributes weight of tow vehicle and weight of RV, separating 2 movements, using air springs to eliminate rough ride. Product is suited for heavy-duty, super-duty, and 1 ton dually vehicles as well as ½ and ¾ ton trucks.

Original Press Release:

RV's Torn Apart By Rough Roads: New High-Tech Hitch Eliminates Handling Problems

North Augusta, S.C.-March 26, 2003-Advanced Air Hitch, Inc. announces their Air Ride Hitch System virtually eliminates rough road RV handling problems. The Air Ride Hitch System is made of patent pending self-lubricating composite material that moves the hitch in six directions always maintaining a level position independently. The high-tech hitch is constructed to evenly distribute the weight of the tow vehicle and the weight of the RV, separating the two movements using air springs to eliminate the rough road ride.

Don Jensen, Vice President, Advanced Air Hitch, Inc. notes, "When going over a bump, the front wheels of your towing vehicle thump, the rear wheels thump, and then the RV thumps and thumps. This can go on hundreds of times a mile, front-to-back, side-to-side, up and down. It is terribly hard and damaging to equipment and passengers. How about when the black water tanks drag or the back of the RV dips when negotiating speed bumps? The clothes are even bouncing off the hangers in the RV living quarters. What is this road roughness doing to the vehicle you invested so much money into?

Our customers verify that sudden movements caused by unpredictable road conditions, bumps, potholes, expansion joints, curves, and hills are reduced by about 80%. No other system available today can do this. This hitch is a must for the new heavy duty, super duty and one-ton dually vehicles. It also works extremely well on all 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks. Look at all the designs on our site and figure it out for yourself. Our technology offers a stronger, softer, and safer ride for both vehicles including passengers, equipment, and RV contents."



Advanced Air Hitch, Inc., was founded in January 2001 to provide superior safety and stability for all types of towing configurations. The Air Ride Hitch System uses heavy-duty air springs to absorb the shock, bounce and vibration that come when towing with a hard connection hitch. Various models of the patent pending Air Ride Hitch System are manufactured for pickup trucks, SUV's and RV's. The system can be adjusted with compressed air to control trailers up to 32,000 lbs. Sliding up and down on solid steel tracks, assisted by high tech Nyoil(tm) machined socket composites for smooth fluid movement, the Air Ride Hitch System allows the trailer to rock back and forth on its natural axis. Hitches for eighteen-wheeler 70,000 lb. tractor-trailer rigs are in the planning development stage.

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