Hitachi Maxell Introduces New Bluetooth Products That Feature SRS WOW HD Audio Enhancement Technology

SRS WOW HD-enabled Bluetooth audio transmitter accessory for iPod enhances sound quality of the iPod's digitally compressed audio and video files

Bluetooth stereo headset, featuring SRS WOW HD for improved audio performance on portable devices, is compatible with all Bluetooth v2.0 enabled music playback devices

SANTA ANA, Calif., Jan. 3 / - SRS Labs, Inc. (NASDAQ:SRSL), a leading provider of surround sound, audio enhancement and voice technologies, announced today that Hitachi Maxell is their newest OEM partner offering SRS technology, in two new Bluetooth accessories for the portable media market featuring SRS WOW HD(TM).

The Hitachi Maxell Audio Transmitter/Dongle featuring SRS WOW HD audio and bass enhancement technology is compatible with all Apple iPods, Mini's and Nano's, providing improved sound quality and restored fidelity to all files residing on the iPod. This Bluetooth enabled dongle uses the proprietary Apple DIN connector that attaches directly to the iPod, allowing audio from the iPod to be processed with SRS WOW HD audio enhancement before being transmitted via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth enabled headset or speaker accessory. The WOW HD process is turned on and off from a small "SRS" branded button on the front of the accessory.

The second product from Hitachi Maxell is a Bluetooth v2.0 enabled stereo headset, which is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled product that provides music playback, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, and docking stations. After the two Bluetooth devices recognize each other (called "pairing"), the headset receives the audio via Bluetooth and then processes it using SRS WOW HD for a superior audio entertainment experience from compressed and non-compressed audio files.

"We wanted to work with SRS Labs because they are an industry leading audio provider with proven high quality sound techniques," said Mr. Akio Mishima, Manager, Brand Business Div. at Hitachi Maxell. "SRS WOW HD audio and bass enhancement incorporated into our new Bluetooth devices provides significant sound improvement for all types of audio content commonly stored on portable media devices. Additionally, we are conscious about our product's energy consumption and were impressed by how much less power this process consumes than previous solutions we have used."

SRS WOW HD sound enhancement technology improves audio performance, especially from highly compressed audio files, by expanding the size of the perceived sound image and creating a deep, rich bass response. SRS WOW HD not only delivers a bigger, wider sound field, but also provides greater definition and clarity to high frequencies. SRS WOW HD restores information that is lost by traditional recording and playback techniques, creating a more natural and realistic audio experience with overall improved fidelity. To date, SRS audio technologies have shipped in over one billion consumer electronics products ranging from flat panel TVs, Bluetooth accessories and mobile phones to PCs, portable media devices and automotive entertainment systems.

"We are very pleased that Hitachi Maxell has chosen SRS Labs to be an integral partner in these new and exciting Bluetooth products," said Michael Franzi, Vice President, Sales - Licensing of SRS Labs. "As consumer demand for high quality audio grows in the Bluetooth accessory market, OEMs and product designers are quickly realizing the competitive benefits, ease of integration and incredible audio performance achieved when integrating SRS audio technologies into their products."

About SRS Labs, Inc.

SRS Labs is a leader in audio signal processing for consumer electronics. Founded in 1993, SRS Labs holds 129 worldwide patents, with another 34 pending, for advanced audio, voice and surround sound technologies that optimize and improve the listening experience through techniques based on research into the human auditory system. Through partnerships with leading global manufacturers and semiconductor and software partners, over one billion products have shipped worldwide utilizing SRS audio technologies, primarily from one of three main technology families, SRS WOW®, SRS TruSurround® and SRS Circle Surround®. SRS Labs audio and voice processing provides the best possible sound from all content and in every environment including HDTVs, mobile phones, portable media devices, A/V components, PCs and automotive entertainment. And with 38 percent of the 58 million flat panel televisions shipped in 2006 featuring SRS audio processing, SRS Labs is the de-facto standard of HDTV audio processing. Additionally, SRS Labs surround sound solutions provide the professional broadcast and recording industries with high-performance production, back-haul, storage, and transmission capability. SRS Labs supports manufacturers worldwide with offices in the US, China, Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. For more information, visit

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