Hirschmann Car Communication and Freightliner Trucks Partner to Improve Aerodynamics

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. - A unique film antenna package developed by Hirschmann Car Communication Inc. helps to reduce air resistance of large trucks. This solution is part of an efficiency concept by Freightliner aimed at making trucks more environmentally friendly and easier to maintain.

Bulky cab and roof antennas will no longer cause air resistance in the new generation of large Freightliner trucks, while making it impossible to damage the antennas during operation. Hirschmann's film antenna solution for the US truck manufacturer can be integrated in the body of the tractor unit, thanks to its compact and flexible design. Freightliner therefore has complete freedom when designing the vehicle's exterior.

Hirschmann's newly developed system helps optimize aerodynamics in commercial vehicles, reduce fuel consumption and cut down costs associated with service, spare parts and downtime. Nearly 20 percent of a vehicle fleet's conventional rod antennas have to be replaced within a year due to damage during operation. The Hirschmann system requires no external components and achieves the best transmission and reception quality for CB radio, AM/FM stations and weather information radio channels. The antennas are adapted to the available installation space, fitting perfectly between the structural body panels and the interior lining of the cab. Furthermore, they are not seen from the inside or the outside of the truck. Hirschmann Car Communications Inc. supplies the easy-to-install package, which includes antennas, connectors and coaxial cables.

The collaboration with Freightliner began five years ago. After developing and testing, the prototype was featured on Freightliner's aerodynamically optimized Innovation Truck in 2009. The prototype was revealed with virtually no conventional external components. The concept led to the development of the new model, the Cascadia Evolution, which was launched in January 2013. "With its Innovation Truck concept vehicle, Freightliner is moving in the direction of trucks with optimal aerodynamics - from redesigned fairings and underbody panels to reduction of external components such as exposed exhaust pipes or radio antennas," said Oliver Neil, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Hirschmann Car Communication Inc.

"Large trucks in North America used to have many bulky antennas on the roof, fenders and mirrors. We now offer a system that enables our customer to develop the aerodynamic design without having to worry about the antennas. It is one of the first innovative components of the concept vehicle that went into series production," added Neil.

Freightliner's introduction to a complete package is to make trucks more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Hirschmann's antenna solution is a part of this measure to ensure greater engine efficiency and improved fleet management.

"The film antenna concept proved to be the ideal solution for the project. We are glad to be able to play an important role in this innovative concept, which is geared towards sustainability. In this way, our products make a contribution to improved energy efficiency for vehicles that are on the road around the clock," Neil stated.

You can also download this press release from http://www.hirschmann-car.com/Deutsch/Unternehmen/Presse/index.phtml or http://www.hirschmann-solutions.com/nc/news/.

About Hirschmann Car Communication:  

Hirschmann Car Communication Inc., based in Auburn Hills, Mich., focuses on OEM type products, M2M and telematics markets. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Hirschmann Car Communication GmbH, based in Neckartenzlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany is one of the leading suppliers of transmitter and receiver systems for automotive communication and the global market leader for in-vehicle TV tuners. In 2012, worldwide revenue of EUR 127 million was generated with a workforce of more than 800 employees.


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