Hirose Announces Licensing Agreement with Samtec for BF4 Active Optical Connector with Built in E/O and O/E Converter

Hirose Electric announces an agreement with Samtec Inc. to license the popular BF4 embedded Active Optical Connector system.

SIMI VALLEY, CA – Hirose Electric and Samtec, Inc. are excited to proceed with this second source agreement. “The BF4 connector is an excellent product for factory automation and medical industries. This addition to Samtec’s line of Electro-Optic products provides a more flexible solution for applications that require High Speed transmissions in a single multimode line. This agreement provides two very reputable and well-respected purchase sources for Hirose’s and Samtec’s customer base. We are very excited to work with Samtec on the BF4 connector and look forward to further cooperation in the future,’’ says Michy Shibutani, Hirose’s Optical engineering Manager. Adam Linderman, Signal Integrity Product Manager for Samtec states, “We are excited to offer the BF4 interconnect. BF4 offers a space saving and low power design which should be ideal for Samtec’s broad Industrial and Medical customer base. BF4 is an outstanding addition to our product offering.”

Hirose Electric developed and released the BF4 series, which is a small, space saving embedded Active Optical system which allows for a connector to be soldered onto the PCB, then the optical device with built in E/O and O/E converters to be plugged onto the board. This system eliminates the thermal issues associated with soldering the E/O and O/E devices directly to the PCB. The BF4 system converts a balanced High Speed differential electrical signal on a PCB at one end into a MM optical signal for transmission down a very thin flexible FO cable and then converts it back into an electrical signal on the other end. The BF4 combines Hirose’s micro electronic Board-to-Board connector “know how” with optical engineering technologies. The BF4 comes supplied as an optical fiber plug assembly with a built-in E/O on the Tx end and an O/E on the Rx end, designed to fit into an ultra low profile, space saving receptacle. It can accommodate up to 6.25Gbps signals. This user friendly optical interconnect will also provide High Speed and Long distance transmission (up to 300m) without generating electrical noise. While designed for factory automation and medical industries, it’s an ideal solution for applications that require long reach, High Speed and limited wiring space. As a Fiber transmission device, the BF4 system provides excellent electrical isolation as well.

Information about Samtec can be found at www.samtec.com or by calling 800-726-8329 (812-944-6733).

Information about Hirose can be found at www.hirose.com.

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