Hinges safely secure strip doors.

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Save-T Loc hardware locks Rip-A-Strip replacement strips into place. Save-T Loc installation is accomplished by mounting hardware to door jamb, placing pre-punched PVC strips on hardware pins, and then locking Save-T Loc retainer bar over pins. Available in header, wall, and universal mount, hardware comes galvanized and is also available in stainless steel and aluminum. It accommodates strip thicknesses from .060-.500 in.

Original Press Release:

TMI Revolutionizes Strip Door Technology

TMI a world leader of flexible PVC products announces they have been awarded
patents this summer on two new products that will revolutionize the strip door industry. TMI is always striving to improve their product line and bring new products to the market. This has led to the development of the patented Save-T Loc hardware and Rip-A-Strip replacement strips. The Save-T Loc hardware reduces installation time as much as 75% over conventional hardware. The Rip-A-Strip product can save up to 35% in cost over conventional replacement strips with the added convenience of their compact design and ease of dispensing.

With Save-T Loc hardware the strips are locked into place and will not come loose even in heavy two-way traffic situations. Save-T Loc installation is a simple three step process. First, mount the hardware to the door jamb. Next, place the pre-punched PVC strips on the hardware pins. Lastly, lock the Save-T Loc retainer bar over the pins. Time is saved by not having to assemble or tighten any nuts or bolts, which can take considerable time on large doorway openings. It also makes replacing damaged strips a very easy process. The Save-T Loc hardware is available in Header, Wall, and Universal mount. The hardware itself comes standard galvanized but is also available in stainless steel and aluminum. Save-T Loc hardware can accommodate a wide range of strip thicknesses from .060" to .500".

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