Hine Automation Ships First Customized HA-800 to Nordiko

TAMPA, FLORIDA, - Hine Automation, LLC announces the shipment of its first customized HA-800 to Nordiko in Hampshire, United Kingdom; the system was shipped in August.
The HA-800 is the eight-sided vacuum transfer system platform from Hine Automation. As all of the Vacuum Transport Systems from Hine Automation, the HA-800 integrates HA 5.0V vacuum robotic arm, HA 50V vacuum elevator, and the HA 75A vacuum optical aligner within a flexible, functional design and a small system footprint.

"The delivery of the HA-800 to Nordiko showcases two of the major strengths of Hine Automation products," said Jose Salas, Business Manager at Hine Automation. "The first is the flexibility of our vacuum transfer systems platforms. The second is our proficiency and expertise in providing customized vacuum automation solutions with our system platforms. The unique combination of these capabilities led to the successful delivery of one-of-a-kind HA-800 system to Nordiko, a company with a well-established reputation in the industry."

Nordiko has over 35 years of developing and manufacturing Ion Beam and Physical Vapor Deposition systems for R&D, pilot production, and high throughput manufacturing environments throughout the world.

"This is a tremendous accomplishment for our engineering and manufacturing teams. We are very proud to partner with Nordiko on this project," added Jose Salas.

About Nordiko Technical Services Limited

Nordiko is a technology based company with a significant knowledge base in thin film deposition and surface modification. Nordiko offers a range of affordable equipment targeted at development, laboratory, and production applications. Established in 1972, Nordiko has over 35 years experience in thin film.

About Hine Automation

Hine Automation, LLC is an emergent designer and manufacturer of vacuum automation systems and robotic components. Serving the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the semiconductor, solar, flat panel display and related industries around the world, the company's robotic components are based on the quality and reliability of the original Hine robotics. Hine satisfies a wide range of needs from flexible research and development environments to more stringent manufacturing environments.

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