High-Traction Footwear helps eliminate slips and falls.

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GRIPS® provide slip resistance in ice, snow, slush, freestanding water, oil, grease, chemicals, and fats. They fit over work shoes and boots and are impregnated with sandpaper-like grit that provides traction while still being safe to wear in normal and clean situations. Angle Tread® design features angled strips that follow along alignment of metatarsal bones of foot, enabling wearer to achieve max surface contact between grit bottoms and walking surface.

Original Press Release:

New and Redesigned GRIPS® High Traction(TM) Footwear

JORDAN DAVID, Horsham, PA introduces its newly redesigned GRIPS® High Traction(TM) Footwear. Designed to provide superior slip resistance in virtually all slick areas including ice, snow, slush, free standing water, oil, grease, chemicals and fats. GRIPS® will reduce slips and falls 40-50% and help to reduce Worker's Compensation. This new version of GRIPS® features a larger and bulkier toe box as well as an expanded opening to accommodate today's larger boots. GRIPS® will fit conveniently over work shoes and boots and are impregnated with sandpaper-like grit that increases traction far beyond the capabilities of normal rubber soled shoes and boots while being safe to wear in normal and clean situations. The grit bottom soles are designed to be safe to wear both indoors as well as while driving, reducing the need to take the product off throughout the day.

GRIPS® soles feature JORDAN DAVID'S patented Angle Tread® design. The angled strips follow along the alignment of the metatarsal bones of the foot enabling the wearer to achieve maximum surface contact between the grit bottoms and the walking surface. The alternating un-gritted grooves are engineered to self-clean by ejecting any buildup of contamination that might occur.

GRIPS® provide excellent traction outdoors in ice, snow, slush and water and are also extremely effective indoors on oils, grease, chemicals and fats. By increasing traction in these conditions, employers can reduce the risk of employee slips and falls and the resulting worker's compensation claims.

The GRIPS® safety program is a comprehensive solution to slips and falls. Each pair of GRIPS® comes with a Training Manual and upon request JORDAN DAVID provides free of charge a GRIPS® Video Training Program. The 7 minute video familiarizes users with how to break in GRIPS®, how to maintenance GRIPS® as well as how to know when they are worn out and need to be replaced.

GRIPS® are available in a variety of styles ranging from a low cut storm rubber to a 17" boot. All styles come sized from an XS-XXXL in black. GRIPS® is part of JORDAN DAVID'S full line of High Traction(TM) Footwear. For more information contact JORDAN DAVID, toll free 1-888-No-Slips.

Contact: Jonathan Bell 1-215-441-9595

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