High-Temperature Vibrating Rods feature durable, insulated design.

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Available in 2 models including SHT-120 with standard insertion length of 7.37 in. and SHT-140 with threaded pipe extension that can be customized in lengths from 14 in. to 13 ft, BinMaster SHT vibrating rods have reinforced membrane and piezo system that tolerates process temperatures up to 482°F. Constructed with SS rod probe to prevent bridging and build-up of material on sensor, they are suited for powdered or granular solids with material density of 1¼ pcf to maximum granular size of 1½ in.

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BinMaster SHT-120/140 High Temp Vibrating Rods

Lincoln, Nebraska - The BinMaster SHT or Super High Temperature vibrating rod features a newly developed piezo system built specifically for higher process temperatures up to 482°F (250°C). The SHT is extremely durable due to the unique design of the patented re-enforced membrane and the new piezo system that features a standard insulation tube that insulates the electronics from excessive heat. The entire probe is constructed of stainless steel, and the electronics are mounted inside an IP66 / IP67 aluminum enclosure for advanced protection.

The SHT can be used in all kinds of powdered or granular solids from very light, fluffy materials with a minimum material density of 1-1/4 pounds per cubic foot (20 grams per liter) to a maximum granular size of 1-1/2" (40 mm). It can be used to prevent overfills or can be installed as a high, mid, or low level alarm. The SHT series is available in two different models including the SHT-120 with a standard insertion length of 7.37" (188 mm) and the SHT-140, which has a threaded pipe extension that can be customized in lengths from 14" (355 mm) to 13' (3,960 mm), so it can be extended into the bin from the side or the top.

"BinMaster's SHT high temperature vibrating rod can handle conditions where the internal temperature of the bin, tank or silo reaches up to 500 degrees. It's also hassle-free since it's not affected by temperature, pressure or humidity," stated Todd Peterson, vice president of sales for BinMaster. "BinMaster sees demand for this device in tough, high-temp applications like flyash from coal-fired power plants, biomass and wood bioenergy for materials like wood pellets, cement or aggregates when storing crushed limestone, and many types of plastic manufacturing."

The SHT features BinMaster's unique stainless steel single "rod" probe design that prevents bridging and build-up of material on the sensor, unlike tuning fork designs that can cause false alarms. Other standard benefits include a switch-selectable, high/low fail-safe function that switches the device to an alarm condition when the power supply fails, and an auto sensing power supply compatible with 20 up to 250 volts AC/DC. The SHT features easy installation and setup and requires no calibration.

About BinMaster

BinMaster is a division of Garner Industries - an ISO 9001:2000 certified company established in 1953 and headquartered in a 75,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. BinMaster is strategically focused on designing, manufacturing and marketing reliable, proven sensoring devices for the measurement of bulk solid and liquid materials for the feed and grain, food, plastics, pulp & paper, power, mining, and concrete industries. The BinMaster product line is sold worldwide and features many diverse technologies for bin level indication and measurement, being well known for its SmartBob2 advanced inventory management solution. For more information about BinMaster, visit www.binmaster.com.

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