High Temperature Valve handles temperatures to 775 °F.

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Model V12 co-ax valve is capable of sustained operation while handling fluid temperatures up to 775°F under high pressure and vacuum; where rapid actuation is required; and where no leaks are permitted. Valve is available in wide range of configurations including stainless steel or steel body; threaded or flanged ports, and in orifice sizes ranging from 25 to 80 mm. It provides long-term leak-tight performance in tough environments.

Original Press Release:

Co-Ax V2 valves: High Temperature Performance and Reliability

Penndel, PA, December 2001 -The co-ax® V2 valve is designed to handle the extreme operating conditions encountered in difficult thermal processing applications. The V2 thrives in these applications where precise, repeatable function is demanded under conditions that quickly disable conventional valves. This highly-engineered valve is capable of sustained, reliable operation while handling fluid temperatures up to 775°F (400°C); while operating under a simultaneous combination of high pressure and vacuum; where rapid actuation is required; and, where no leaks are permitted.

The V2 valve is a development of the proven coaxial valve configuration pioneered by co-ax over forty years ago. In the years since, co-ax® valves have proven themselves in thousands of different applications worldwide, often lasting up to ten times longer than the conventional valves they replace.

As with all other coaxial valves, a co-ax® V2 valve offers pressure-balanced operation, which eliminates the high-pressure differentials that cause the cycle speed, leakage and repeatability problems that conventional valves experience under high pressure or vacuum conditions. The result is a valve that delivers precise, positive openings and closings - at speeds as fast as 30 milliseconds - while successfully handling system pressures up to 500 bar (7,500 psi).

Using this coaxial design (and all its advantages) as a starting point, co-ax® engineers developed a valve with special features that extend the valve's performance envelope into environments where extreme heat and pressure differentials are constantly present. Perhaps most notable is the bellows seal design. Bellows seals allow leak-free stem valve motion. In addition, there are no elastomeric seals found in typical valve designs to wear out. Thanks to this design, the V2 can provide long-term 100% leak-tight performance in the toughest environments.

The co-ax V2 is an excellent valve for some of the most challenging applications, including:

heat transfer fluids - the bellows seal keeps the difficult-to-control fluids from leaking into the atmosphere.

Vacuum and/or gas control in vacuum furnaces - the V2 design assures positive shut off for precise control, especially under vacuum conditions.

Back-pulse cleaning control in hot gas filtering applications - the V2 provides the fast actuation under the high temperature/high pressure differential conditions in coal gasification and other processes that use hot gas filtering.

Externally-controlled co-ax® V2 valves are available in a wide range of configurations - with stainless steel or steel valve bodies, with threaded or flanged ports - in orifice sizes ranging from 25mm to 80 mm. And specialized application-specific designs are also available.

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