High Temperature Sensors for Harsh Environments

Locon sensors are available for a wide range of purposes, including harsh environment high temperature uses. Our sensors can be used in a wide array of practical applications, including high-pressure environments or extreme temperatures.

These high-quality sensors are available in a variety of threaded sizes to fit with the needs of your application. Backed by Locon’s guarantee to provide additional peace of mind, these devices will provide the reporting and oversight information you need no matter your project or use. Don’t see the right fitting? Let us know! We also specialize in custom-designed solutions for any application.

Our sensor devices are also designed with short circuit and overload protections to help ensure they don’t succumb to the elements. For more information and full technical details, consult the data sheet specifications.

For assistance in determining your exact needs for High Temperature Photoelectrics, please fill out the form on the right or contact us at 800-356-2661 or email sales@locon.net.

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