High-Temperature Paint provides corrosion protection.

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Single-part, aluminum-rich Corr-Paint(TM) CP4010 ceramic-silicone based coating protects steel components and structures for applications to 1200 deg F. It is resistant to acids, bases, and solvents, and provides thermal-shock, salt-spray, and UV resistance. Water-dispersible coating dries at room temperature and cures fully during operation at temperatures above 450 deg F. Non-flammable, low VOC formulation has viscosity of 700 to 1400 cps.

Original Press Release:

New Corr-Paint CP4010 Provides Corrosion Protection To 1200 deg F

Valley Cottage, NY - March 29, 2002


Corr-Paint(TM) CP4010, a new high temperature corrosion protective paint developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to coat exhaust manifolds, stacks, heat exchangers and other high temperature components and structures found in aircraft, automotive and industrial applications to 1200 deg F.


Corr-Paint CP4010 is a single part, aluminum rich, ceramic-silicone based coatingfor protecting steel components and structures used in aircraft, automotive, chemical processing, foundry, and power generation plants for applications to 1200 deg F.

Corr-Paint(TM) CP4010 provides excellent adhesion to marginally prepared steel surfaces and exceptional high temperature corrosion resistance. It is resistant to a wide range of acids, bases and solvents, andprovides good thermal shock salt spray, and UV resistance.

Corr-Paint(TM) CP4010 is a water-dispersible, aluminum pigmented, ceramic-silicone based coating that is easily
applied using conventional spray equipment, brush or roller. It dries at room temperature and cures fully during operation at temperatures above 450 deg F. It is a non-flammable, low VOC formulation with a viscosity of 700-1400 cps and solids content of 38-40%. Typical dry film thickness (DFT) is 1.5 mils for a single coat.

Corr-Paint(tm) CP4010 is part of the CP40xx series of high temperature coatings. Additional pigments include black; gray, white, green, red, blue, yellow and brown. Products are available from stock in pint, quart, gallon and five-gallon pails. For more details about these products, please contact Aremco's Technical Sales Department.

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