High-Temperature Down-Hole Pump has progressing cavity design.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring metal-to-metal rotor/stator technology, Moyno HTD660(TM) suits high-temperature applications. Stator does not include elastomer, design handles downhole temperatures to 660°F, and closely controlled tolerances between metal-to-metal rotor/stator clearance promote optimal performance. Producing minimal vibration, design can also handle hot oil encountered during thermal recovery methods.

Original Press Release:

Moyno® High Temperature Down-Hole Pump Solutions Extend the Application Range of Progressing Cavity Pumps

Willis, Texas - Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group has a line of Moyno High Temperature Down-Hole Pump Solutions. The Moyno high temperature down-hole pumps, designated Moyno HTD(TM) pumps, provide unique solutions to high temperature applications that previously prevented operators from using downhole progressing cavity pumps (PCPs).

After extensive research and development as well as thorough in-field application testing, one of the products Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group's launched was the Moyno HTD660(TM) Down-Hole Pump. This product features metal-to-metal rotor/stator technology. The stator does not include elastomer.

The Moyno HTD660(TM) High Temperature Down-Hole Pumps feature:
  • The capability of handling downhole temperatures to 660° F
  • Closely controlled tolerances between the metal-to-metal rotor/stator clearance for superior performance
  • Produces low levels of vibration that are comparable to conventional downhole PCPs
  • Ideally suited to handle hot oil encountered during thermal recovery methods such as steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and cyclic steam stimulation (CSS)

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