High Temperature and ATEX Approved Linear Position Sensors Operate in Radiation Environments

In demanding industrial applications associated with radiation conditions and high temperatures, sensor reliability is of paramount importance to ensure long-term and accurate system operations and reduced maintenance.  Gaining popularity for use in position feedback within nuclear power plants, LVDT Linear Position Sensors can be repackaged with modern materials to address conditions associated with thorium-based nuclear power and high sulfidation processes associated with heavy oil, process control and bio-chemicals.

Macro Sensors offers three series of Nuclear LVDT Position Sensors – the HSTAR, HLR and HSAR Series – specifically designed for position measurement in high temperature and mild radiation environments within nuclear power plants. The HSTAR 750 Series of High Temperature, Hermetically Sealed LVDT Position Sensors, for example, is capable of withstanding 400ºF temperature spikes.  Additionally, these AC-operated LVDTs can be constructed with materials for exposure to radiation at 100 Mega Rads.

Macro Sensors' HSAR Hermetically Sealed Sensors  are constructed entirely of stainless steel along with coil windings sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68.  The conduit exit of these AC-operated sensors ensures a hermetic seal from the operating environment.

For harsher environments, the HLR 750 Series LVDT Linear Position Sensors for Hazardous Locations meet UL and ATEX requirements for Class I Division 1 & 2, Zones 1 & 2. Macro Sensors offers Teflon-free, half bridge versions of these AC-operated linear position sensors that are popular in steam turbine applications in radiation environments.

As passive sensors, the HSTAR, HSAR and HLR sensors can operate in more robust applications, offering a high mean time between failures.  LVDT electronics that power these sensors, like Macro Sensors' EAZY-CAL LVC-4000 LVDT Signal Conditioner, can be partitioned from harsh environments, enabling the Nuclear LVDT sensors to operate under more extreme conditions than is viable with DC-operated sensors having internal electronics. 

Macro Sensors Nuclear LVDT Linear Position Sensors are used in a variety of position and gaging applications within pressure and boiler water reactors, valve assemblies, nuclear fuel rods, and snout machines.  Both standard and custom designs are available to produce accurate, repeatable readings over a wide operating temperature range.  

For more information on Macro Sensors Nuclear Sensors, refer to our website at: http://www.macrosensors.com/nuclear-lvdt-sensors.php. Or contact us at 856-662-8000 or sales@macrosensors.com for a consultation.

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