High-Speed QSFP Connector with 32 Gbps/Channel

Applications in data and telecommunications demand the highest reliable signal transmission rates

Munich- The 28/32 Gbps Yamaichi QSFP connector (article number CN120-038-000*) is a compact high-speed connector that uses four channels to achieve outstanding signal transmission values and a maximum transmission capacity of up to 128 Gbps. It is fully MSA compatible (Multi Source Agreement) and even exceeds the specified values.

Using a special contact design, Yamaichi has succeeded in meeting the strict requirements that apply in the area of high transmission frequencies. The important figures, such as return loss, NEXT/FEXT, and multi-aggressor crosstalk, all exhibit outstanding characteristics. And that's true even at a transmission capacity of up to 32 Gbps per channel.

The current QSFP standard requires only 10 Gbps per channel. The QSFP connector from Yamaichi, however, can transmit at up to 32 Gbps with the same PCB layout.

The 28/32 Gbps QSFP is thus completely footprint-compatible with the 10 Gbps QSFP+ connector already available on the market. Existing QSFP modules (Infiniband: QDR/FDR/DER) are also fully compatible with the Yamaichi 28/32 Gbps QSFP connector.

Yamaichi offers the 28/32 Gbps QSFP in two versions, due to a special surface coating in the contact area. The versions can reach 50 and 250 plug-and-pull cycles respectively, and can be selected according to customer requirements.

The compact connector, which is 18.20mm in length and 5.35mm high, can transmit a current of up to 0.5A through its 38 individual contacts. This applies at a voltage rating of 120 VAC. The application temperature may range from -55 °C to +85 °C.

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