High-Speed Press Brake features integrated tool storage.

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Serving applications where space is limited and capacities vary, portable, Xpert 40 combines entire setup and production from one station. Production capabilities of 1,028 bends per hr can keep pace with Fiber laser cutting machines. While back gauge and ram optimize production efficiency, back gauge system, with up to 6-axes, also enables production of complex sheet metal shapes. Flexible tool selection, press capacity of up to 44 US tons, and process-controlled drive unit are standard.

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Bystronic Introduces Xpert 40 - A Compact, Portable, High-Speed Press Brake

Elgin, IL — Bystronic Inc. introduces the new Xpert 40, a compact portable high-speed press brake that is “moveable on demand” to where you need it, when you need it. The Xpert 40 is ideal when space is limited and capacities vary. With its integrated tool storage, Xpert 40 is the first press brake to combine the entire setup and production from one single station, greatly reducing non-productive bending times.

Fiber lasers have increased demand on downstream material processing because they are capable of producing parts about twice as fast as the classic CO2 laser cutting machine. Super high speed, back gauge and ram ensure the highest production efficiency, enabling the Xpert 40 to easily keep pace with today’s increasingly popular high speed Fiber laser cutting machines.

Xpert 40 – The fastest press brake of its size on the market!

Bends per Hour (BPH)

Typical press brake production = 622 BPH

Typical High Dynamic Electric or Hybrid press brake production = 916 BPH

Xpert 40 production = 1,028 BPH

With its flexible tool selection and a press capacity of up to 44 US tons, this machine offers a wide range of applications from thin and thicker materials, and the ultra-high performance back gauge system, with up to a 6-axis, enables the cost-efficient production of highly complex sheet metal shapes. High operator efficiency is also achieved through ergonomic design and individually adaptable workspace. Noteworthy is the process-controlled drive unit which reduces power consumption by up to 30 percent!

For additional information on the Xpert 40 compact, portable high speed press brake, visit http://ht.ly/N0XLL.

For more information on Bystronic Inc. visit www.bystronicusa.com, e-mail sales.us@bystronic.com or call 847-214-0300.

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