High-Speed Machining Centers include tool storage tower.

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ProdMod HSM 600U and HSM 800 use storage tower for compact positioning of scalable tools. Tower is constructed with circular suspended shelf offering 120, 170, and 220 tool positions. With double tool handling, changeover times are less than 2 sec and chip-to-chip time is 5 sec. HSM 800 machines heavy workpieces up to 2,200 lb and offers unmanned operation, while HSM 600U provides simultaneous 5-axis machining of large pieces in high-speed mode.

Original Press Release:

High-Speed Machining Centers Feature Flexible, Scalable Tool Storage Tower for Large, Heavy Workpieces

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL. (June 1, 2005) - Today, Mikron introduced the HSM 600(U) ProdMod and HSM 800 ProdMod High-Speed Machining Centers. Among other performance enhancing features, the systems include a tool storage tower which was developed to cut changeover time in half, while also offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability for large format, high speed machining.

One of the features that make the machining centers highly productive is the ProdMod (Production Module) tower's compact positioning of scalable tools. This positioning cuts changeover times by more than half and conserves valuable space on the machine. The ProdMod tool tower is constructed with a circular suspended shelf offering 120, 170 and 220 tool positions. This provides significant decreases in changeover time due to the separation of the central gripper and transfer handling. With "double tool handling", changeover times of less than 2 seconds are achieved, and chip-to-chip time is only approximately 5 seconds.

"The ProdMod product line is an important enhancement to our machines. It provides unparalleled scalability and greatly improved change over times, significantly increasing output capacity of our HSM machining centers," commented Mr. Mal Sudhakar, Vice President of Mikron.

The HSM 800 ProdMod is intelligently designed for high-speed machining of heavy workpieces up to 2,200 pounds. Designed for automation, it offers around-the-clock, unmanned operation. The HSM 600U ProdMod is designed for simultaneous five-axis machining of large work pieces in a truly high-speed mode. It features a proven, breakthrough design of the rotational axes.

Fully Integrated Pallet Changer, Chip Conveyor & More
The ProdMod machines offer intelligent automation with pallet tables, instead of T-slot tables. Different versions and configurations of the pallet chuck tables are available for the ultimate in flexibility. Various clamping systems are available including 3R-Dynafix, Erowa UPC, Mecatool GPS 240 as well as the large 32" x 24" (800 x 600 mm) Mikron pallets. For ultimate flexibility, ProdMod offers an interface for connecting with robotic devices.

The Mikron chip conveyor concept has a modular construction and can be adapted individually to ensure that both large volumes of chips and complicated chip components are reliably removed. Additionally, machines feature a cover with chip rinsing nozzles and several configurations for chip conveyors and coolant preparation systems.

About Mikron
Mikron is a subsidiary of the Agie Charmilles Group, the world's leading system provider to the tool and moldmaking industry. The company provides sales, service, parts and technical support of Mikron high speed, high performance machining centers. Mikron has the industry's widest range of high speed machines, with travel ranges from 15 through 54 inches and spindle speeds up to 60,000 rpm. Machines are available in a wide array of three-, four- and five-axis configurations for die/mold, job shop, aerospace, medical, electronic and other high precision applications. The company maintains fully equipped, state-of-the-art technology centers in Holliston, MA., and Lincolnshire, IL., for applications engineering, customer training and product demonstrations.

For more information on Mikron's ProdMod Series for HSM, contact Mr. Gisbert Ledvon, Marketing Manager, 560 Bond St., Lincolnshire, IL. 60069-4224, Tel: 847-913-5300 ext. 164 or email: gisbert.ledvon@charmillesus.com. Additional details are also available at the company's website: mikron-us.com.

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