High-Speed Door comes in sizes up to 12 x 12 ft.

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SUPERCOMPACT door makes rapid room access beneficial for foot traffic, push carts, pallet jacks, and light forklifts. Its sealing system features self-reparability. Gravity driven system propels door to open at up to 42 in. per second, closing at 24 in. per second. Door is run with 3-phase motor controlled by frequency inverter built-in to a NEMA-4 rated control box. Door can be opened manually in case of power failures.

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New Door For Tight Spaces Tightens Budgets


(Northbrook, IL) The new DYNACO SUPERCOMPACT high-speed door from takes interior doorway access to the next level. Existing high-speed doors have solved traffic-flow problems for facilities with forklift traffic and other larger vehicles. The SUPERCOMPACT high-speed door makes rapid room access beneficial also for foot traffic, push carts, pallet jacks and light forklifts.

Previously, this lighter traffic was accommodated with strip curtains or bump doors. Though low cost, these approaches cannot seal the doorway like the DYNACO fabric roll-up door. In addition, curtains and crash doors need constant maintenance attention.

To that insure all rooms along the processing and manufacturing chain are tightly sealed, the patented SUPERCOMPACT door offers a well-engineered sealing, system. Also, the door's self-reparability is one of the most innovative features in high-speed door design. When in use, the high-speed door's totally soft curtain guarantees the SAFETY of both the people and product passing through the opening.

Rapid access through the SUPERCOMPACT door is no problem. A gravity driven system propels the door to open at up to 42" per second - closing at a safe 24" per second.

Developed for all types of industry, the SUPERCOMPACT door offers specialty design for cleanroom and stainless steel applications.

This new door is available in a general-purpose version along with models for cleanrooms and a door with stainless steel parts for food processing operations.

The door is run with a three-phase motor. controlled by a frequency inverter, built-in in a NEMA-4 rated control box. In case of a power failure, the door can be opened manually.

Maximum door sizes are 12' x 12'. Upon customer's request, vision panels and a full selection of actuation devices can be added.

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