High-Speed Connector meets full MSA requirements.

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Intended for telecomm/data communications, CFP2 connector (series CA009) has 0.6 mm pitch and 100 Gbps data transmission rate. Signals are transmitted through 80-pin host connector, which is EMI-protected and available as SMD version. At 85 mm wide, complete CFP2 set consists of host connector, plug connector, connector cover, cage, and heat sink. Up to 4 channels of 25 Gbps each are available, and contacts for cage, with press-fit technology, eliminate screwing of connector onto PCB.

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100Gbps High-Speed CFP2 Connector and Components

For reliable high signal transmission rates in telecomm/data communications systems

Munich – The new CPF2 connector (series CA009) with 100Gbps high-speed data transmission is the first connector that meets the full MSA requirements.

The requirements placed by the MSA on the CFP2 connector as a further development of the standard CFP connector were strict. Among other things, it was necessary to reduce the pitch of the CFP from 0.8mm to 0.6mm for the CFP2, while still achieving the data transmission rate of 100Gbps. Yamaichi Electronics has implemented this successfully in the new CFP2 connector as one of the first manufacturers.

Signals are transmitted through an 80-pin host connector that is available as SMD version. To be able to transmit at 100Gbps, up to 4 channels of 25Gbps each are available.

Additionally, the host connector is EMI-protected by the connector cover, which is also available in a twin design. The backdrop for the twin design is the complete CFP2 set consisting of the host connector, plug connector, connector cover, cage and heat sink. In all, the new CFP2 measures 85mm in width and can handle two modules of about 42mm module width each at a time. This means that the CFP2 connector set can replace a CFP connector, though at twice the transmission capacity, corresponding to 200Gbps transmission capacity.

The contacts for the cage, equipped with press-fit technology, are new. This eliminates the time-consuming screwing of the connector onto the PCB. The 33 press-fit pins on the cage provide over 800N of strength.

The complete CFP2 connector and its associated components correspond to the connector set standardised in the Multi Source Agreement (MSA).

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