High-Speed Concrete Polisher produces mirror-like shine.

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Designed for high-speed honing and polishing of concrete floors to mirror-like finish, DiamondShine employs EPA- and CARB-certified, 17 hp Kawasaki propane engine that drives 3 diamond heads at 1,100 rpm. Combination of speed and over 400 lb of head pressure makes this unit suited for honing, polishing, and light grinding of commercial and institutional concrete floors.

Original Press Release:

Aztec Introduces the DiamondShine Concrete Polisher

Aztec broadens product line to include propane powered concrete floor refinishing machinery...

Aztec Products, Inc. introduces the DiamondShine concrete floor polishing machine to their extensive line of floor buffing and stripping machines. The Aztec DiamondShine is designed specifically for high speed honing and polishing of concrete floors to a mirror-like finish. It leaves the slower grinding process for other machines. Like all of Aztec's machines, it is made entirely in the USA.

The EPA and CARB certified 17 horsepower Kawasaki propane engine drives three diamond heads at an incredible 1100 RPM. This speed combined with over 400 lbs of head pressure will shine concrete floors like no other machine can, making the DiamondShine ideal for honing, polishing and light grinding of commercial and institutional concrete floor.

Aztec's National Sales Manager Steven Spengler said, "The DiamondShine has a simple, rugged design and offers the contractor a powerful alternative to electric equipment. The propane-powered DiamondShine frees you from long heavy electric cables, which will save you time".

Whit Beverly, President of Aztec Products said, "One of the major benefits of the DiamondShine that people often overlook is that it is self-contained - it needs no outside power source. When profit margins on a job are tight, having to rent another generator or bring in a battery trailer for an extra night can kill all the profit. Corded concrete machines can also blow facility electric breakers, interfering with store computers and upsetting store management. With propane, you have all the power you need, for as long as you need it, with no impact on the facility and no surprises".

Aztec Products, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Montgomeryville, PA. For over 30 years, Aztec has developed a series of innovative floor cleaning machines that are engineered for quality work at high speeds, and has become known as the problem-solver for the floor cleaning industry. Aztec is proud to manufacture all of its products in the USA.

To see the complete Aztec product line, visit: www.aztecproducts.com

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