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High-Speed ADC integrates 1:4 demultiplexed outputs.

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Sep 01, 2005 - Featuring embedded 1:4 LVDS demultiplexer for direct interface with standard FPGAs, 10-bit AT84AS004TP has clock frequency of 2 GSps and SNR of 51 dB @ 2 GSps in first Nyquist conditions. Gain flatness remains flat at ±0.2 dB from dc to 1.5 GHz. Offered in EBGA317 package, product operates over commercial and industrial temperature ranges. It suits high-speed digitization applications such as broadband test and measurement equipment and high-speed DAQ.

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World's Fastest Analog-to-Digital Converter Integrating 1:4 Demultiplexed Outputs Targets High-Speed Data Acquisition and Test Equipment

Press release date: Aug 02, 2005

New 10-bit 2 Gsps ADC Offers 33% Sampling Speed Improvement Over Other ADC & DMUX Combinations

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 2 -- Atmel(R) Corporation (NASDAQ:ATML) a global leader in the development and fabrication of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the second in a series of high-speed integrated ADC and DMUX devices, with a new 10-bit ADC offering a clock frequency of 2 Gsps, and an embedded 1:4 LVDS demultiplexer for direct interface with standard FPGAs.

The new AT84AS004TP is fully-compatible with Atmel's AT84AS003TP 10-bit 1.5 Gsps ADC and DMUX released earlier this year, providing identical form- factor, pin-out and functions. It allows easy upgrade from existing designs operating at slower data rates or the possibility of creating a family of products from the same board design, for high-speed digitization applications such as broadband test & measurement equipment, high speed data acquisition, telecommunications and defense.

The AT84AS004TP applies Atmel's deep expertise in high speed data converters. The new device provides dynamic performance of ENOB: 7.8 bits, SFDR: -55 dBFs and SNR: 51dB at 2Gsps in 1st Nyquist conditions. Gain flatness remains flat (+/- 0.2 dB) from DC to 1.5 GHz, allowing use over the second Nyquist zone.

"Combining accurate analog to digital data conversion at 2 Gsps with an integrated 1:4 DMUX is now possible," said Andrew Benn, Marketing Manager for Atmel's Broadband Data Conversion product line. "System designers cannot afford complex and time-consuming routing and timing scenarios for the interface between the ADC and the FPGA or DSP. The AT84AS004TP combines dynamic performance, compactness and ease of use allowing improved system development speed."

The AT84AS004TP is delivered in an EBGA317 package and operates over Commercial and Industrial temperature ranges. Samples are available now with production quantities in September 2005, at a unit price of $595 for a 1K-piece quantity.


ADC: Analog-to-Digital Converter

DMUX: Demultiplexer

LVDS: Low Voltage Differential Signaling

ENOB: Effective Number Of Bits

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