High Security MAKROLON HYGARD BR750 Glazing in New A&C Plastics Headquarters

High Security MAKROLON HYGARD® BR750 Glazing in New A&C Plastics Headquarters

Sheffield, MA-June 1, 2007-When A&C Plastics of Houston, Texas designed its new corporate headquarters, the building required secure, impact-resistant windows that demonstrated excellent visibility and light transmission. To meet these requirements, the company installed windows made from high-quality MAKROLON HYGARD® BR750 polycarbonate laminate sheet, a product of Sheffield Plastics Inc., a Bayer MaterialScience Company.

"We wanted sturdy, reliable windows that would ensure the safety of our employees and our customers," said Katie Clapp, A&C Plastics Vice President/Purchasing. "MAKROLON HYGARD BR sheet has the best name in the industry." Clapp, who has been with A&C Plastics for almost a decade, said that of the many polycarbonate sheet products in the industry, MAKROLON sheet from Sheffield Plastics is the superior choice. "We wouldn't have used any other brand," Clapp said.

MAKROLON HYGARD BR750 sheet is a three-ply bullet-resistant laminate featuring outstanding abrasion and UV protection for long life in harsh environments. The laminate is .750" thick, made with two MAKROLON polycarbonate sheets and an acrylic interlayer. BR750 is suited for security applications requiring UL Listed Level 1 bullet resisting glazing, and it also offers a robust solution for a wide variety of establishments. Banks, 24-hour convenience stores, specialty retailers, and many more businesses can improve the safety of their facilities with MAKROLON HYGARD BR sheet.

A&C Plastics' new corporate headquarters has only been in use for a few months, but employees can already appreciate the strength and functionality of its MAKROLON HYGARD BR sheet windows.

"Windows made from MAKROLON HYGARD BR sheet offer excellent protection and impact resistance," Clapp said. "Plus, the clarity they demonstrate is absolutely great." In addition, A&C Plastics customers have experienced for themselves how MAKROLON HYGARD BR sheet is well suited for architectural and security glazing applications.

"Any time we have customers visit our facility, these windows showcase one of our most reliable polycarbonate products," Clapp said. "We primarily installed these windows for security reasons, but our new building also clearly demonstrates the benefits of MAKROLON HYGARD BR sheet versus other materials-in a way that customers can see firsthand."

MAKROLON HYGARD BR sheet offers more than excellent quality and a well-respected name. Clapp said that along with her appreciation for their products, her experience in working with Sheffield Plastics has been "awesome." "Sheffield Plastics is our preferred vendor for polycarbonate sheet," Clapp said. "We have a great relationship with them."

With exceptional product offerings such as MAKROLON HYGARD sheet to solve many challenging applications, Sheffield Plastics demonstrates why MAKROLON sheet is the fastest growing brand of laminate sheet in the world.

For more information on A&C Plastics, contact Katie Clapp at 800-231-4175; 6135 Northdale, Houston, TX 77087; www.acplasticsinc.com

Sheffield Plastics, a Bayer MaterialScience Company, is the global leader in high performance plastics. Sheffield continues its leadership in polycarbonate technology with new processes, product innovations and superior optics. For more information, contact Sheffield Plastics, Inc. at 1-800-254-1707, fax 1-800-457-3553, visit www.sheffieldplastics.com, or write 119 Salisbury Road, Sheffield, MA 01257.

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