High School’s Fans Are Ready to Cheer with Added Comfort

Portable toilets are convenient, but they are not a long-term solution. Those cheering on the Panthers at Quakertown High School’s QNB Bank Field in Pennsylvania lived this, especially while standing in lines during games.

The school district made plans for a permanent structure to solve its outdoor bathroom problem while adding space for storage and a concession area. The school added a 30’ x 75’ restroom/concession/athletic storage and maintenance building constructed from Easi-Set precast modules and individual precast panels. The Field House was manufactured and installed by Oldcastle Infrastructure Inc., an Easi-Set Buildings licensed producer in Easton, Pa.

The completely custom structure consist of: one Easi-Set module without a floor set over existing electrical panels and computer equipment; six Easi-Set modules consisting of a men’s bathroom, women’s bathroom, athletic storage room, concession room and food storage room; and nine precast panels that form a 30’ x 30’ maintenance storage area with an 8’x 8’ coiling door entrance. The structure has a brick over split face block precast liner finish, Sherwin-Williams H&C Concrete Stain in Extra White and Gallery Blue colors—the school’s colors—and a standing seam metal roof installed over top of the precast concrete roof. Installation occurred on Sept. 11, taking just one day.

According to Robert Christine, the director of facilities for the Quakertown School District, precast concrete structures were chosen because the turnaround time was fast and the district has used them in the past. The school has seen added benefits since the install too. Functionality has improved at the field, the fans are happier when cheering on their team and a revenue source was created with the concessions. That’s a win for Easi-Set precast concrete buildings!

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