High-Pressure Vise offer variable jaw and gripper clamping.

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Built on GGG 60 base with hardened and ground guideways, ALLMATIC TITAN 125 employs fully enclosed, maintenance-free, high-pressure spindle equipped with wear-resistant mechanical power intensifier. Workpieces can be changed in seconds, and torque wrench, adjustable from 6-30 Nm, is used for defined clamping. Side openings allow chips and cooling lubricant to escape, threaded holes on both sides allow for attachment of workpiece stops, and aligning slots ensure smooth handling.

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Introducing Dapra's Most Versatile Vise: The Allmatic Titan 125 High-Pressure Vise

The new ALLMATIC TITAN 125 high-pressure vise is so versatile that, according to ALLMATIC, "Nothing is beyond its grasp!" Combining almost all of the functions of the popular ALLMATIC NC and T-REX, the TITAN 125 has all of the precision and versatility required of today's workholding tools. It has a robust GGG 60 base with hardened and ground guideways to provide a high level of accuracy and excellent wear resistance. The large side openings allow chips and cooling lubricant to escape. Threaded holes on both sides allow for the attachment of workpiece stops, and precise aligning slots in the base ensure smooth handling. Other benefits of the TITAN 125 include short set-up times, without an external power supply, and the capability to change workpieces in a matter of seconds.

The Spindle is Integral to the TITAN 125
At the heart of the TITAN 125 is the ALLMATIC fully enclosed, maintenance-free, high-pressure spindle. The spindle is equipped with a wear-resistant mechanical power intensifier. A torque wrench, which can be adjusted between 6 and 30 Nm, is used for defined clamping, even in an awkward position above the table.

Two Clamping Systems Provide Many Holding Capabilities
The key to the TITAN 125's versatility is its variable jaw and gripper clamping systems.

The ground step jaws give it the precision that is so integral to high-quality workpiece machining. A choice can be made, according to workpiece shape and type of machining, from among various jaw options. Pivot jaws rotate 360 degrees to compensate for non-parallel clamping surfaces and are threaded for supports. Their rear is serrated, and they are equipped with the "Click Quick" change system.

The support jaws form the basis of the detachable, modular gripper clamping jaw system. Fixed, movable pivoting and movable rigid support jaws are all available. The different gripper inserts are mounted on them and can be variably screwed into grid plates so as to securely clamp the broadest possible spectrum of workpiece geometries.

The movable pivoting support jaw is used to compensate for non-parallel clamping surfaces and is necessary for clamping irregular workpieces. The movable rigid support jaw is designed for clamping oversize workpieces across multiple clamping points or 3-point clamping. The faces of all support jaws are ground and therefore suitable for clamping pre-machined workpieces.

The "Gripper" universal set provides a multitude of options for clamping unmachined parts. It comprises a base unit with position fit, a support unit and the gripper inserts (round). It is screwed to the support jaws with M12 screws.

Thanks to its modular design, the pivot functions by means of the support jaw grid plate. When the clamping force is applied, the gripper spikes press into the material and create powered positive closure. Both gripper height and workpiece support height can be varied by changing the individual components of the universal set.

The "eye gripper" for the Gripper universal set replaces the circular gripper. Its special new shape reduces (distributes) the applied clamping force. This is particularly beneficial for clamping workpieces with fits to be machined.

We at Dapra are pleased to add the ALLMATIC TITAN 125 to our comprehensive line of workholding tools. With this new high-pressure vise and its diversity of jaw and gripper clamping systems, we offer our customers extremely reliable, versatile and cost-effective clamping.

The ALLMATIC TITAN 125 may be viewed online at www.dapra.com/workholding/allmatic/titan.htm. Complete information may be obtained by contacting Dapra Corporation by telephone at (800) 243-3344, by fax at (860) 242-3017 or by email at info@dapra.com.

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