High Pressure Laminates come in 19 patterns and woodgrains.

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Rebel-utionary Laminates are offered in 4 bamboo colorations including green, red, yellow, and blue. Chiasma pattern woodgrain is cross-shaped configuration offered in Earthlight (shimmering copper), Radiant (gold with greencast overtone), and Camouflage (yellow-orange and blue-green undertones). Metaphor laminates mix concrete and metal visual elements. Products are used in commercial and residential interiors, store fixtures, and furnishings.

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Nevamar Debuts New "Rebel - Utionary" High Pressure Laminate Collection

Odenton, MD June 18, 2002 - Nevamar's new "rebel-utionary" high pressure laminate collection for 2002/03 is being unveiled at the NeoCon Chicago Show. Included are nineteen completely new patterns and woodgrains developed for the architect and interior design community hungry for energized design. And these new offerings really do deliver. "They demonstrate that even though laminate has been around a long time, it's a thoroughly modern material - wholly authentic in its own way," notes Terrie Buch-O'Dell, product design manager.

Among the new offerings are four new Bamboo colorations, which prove that natural bamboo wood can shed its woodgrain persona and become a pattern. Extreme Green Bamboo takes yellow-green to the edge, with a touch of translucence. Red Dragon Bamboo is so vibrant, it feels like liquid, while Electric Bamboo pushes yellow coloration to the fringe of gold. Like its name implies, Xanadu Blue Bamboo transports the eye to a place of idyllic beauty... but this place happens to be a little more hip, with a hint of red overtones moving this blue towards violet.

Other new woodgrains take us well beyond the realm of the natural and into a more abstract place. Grayte Wood Motif and Brilliant Wood Motif designs present "nature with a twist": diffused squares add radiance and luster to a softly grained underlying wood design. Rounding out the new woodgrain offerings are Santa Rosa Plumtree and Dry Creek Plumtree. These offerings, refined yet robust, are sure to find a happy home in the furniture, retail display, and store fixturing markets.

Nevamar's new Chiasma pattern is named after the Greek word for "crosspiece" - a cross-shaped configuration. It is introduced in three colorways: Earthlight Chiasma (a full-bodied, shimmering copper), Radiant Chiasma (lit by gold with a greencast overtone), and Camouflage Chiasma (marked by undertones of yellow-orange and blue-green).

The desire for using natural materials continues to be a trend in design, but affordability, fabrication and maintenance are always lurking concerns. Nevamar now offers Hybrid Slate, colored with a stunning palette of both warm and cool neutrals and enlivened by pearl pigments. Silver Metaphor exemplifies high pressure laminate's ability to mix concrete and metal visual elements to create a design that could be one or the other... but is neither. By contrast, Urban Renewal takes tired old particleboard and kicks it up a couple of notches with its yellow-orange hue. And what about white? Nevamar's new Pearl Code is a beautiful, versatile pattern that provides a refreshing new surface finish and mixed undertones.

Completely new patterns from Nevamar in 2002/03 include some that are edgy, and some more muted... but all are highly energized and will be sure to add visual interest and excitement to interior spaces. Among them is the riveting Mysterious
Crystals, where tonalities of pearlized ice crystals entangle the mind's eye. Frosty Aqua Aura exudes a watery, spa-like quality, making it perfect for environments made for pampering and healing.

Two fun patterns take a walk on the wild side. Funky Chunky Fauxstone, an unapologetically fake concoction of gum and ice cream colors, is playful but not over-the-top. Completely in-your-face fun is Way Cool Encounter, with its high chroma blue hue and delightful space critters sprinkled in the sky.

For more information on Nevamar's new "rebel-utionary" high pressure laminate collection for 2002/03, call 1-800-638-4380, e-mail your request to nevamar.marketing@ipaper.com, or visit www.nevamar.com.

Nevamar is a leading worldwide manufacturer of high pressure laminate products which are sold under the Nevamar and Polyrey brand names. The Division offers a wide variety of decorative surfaces and panels used in commercial and residential interiors, store fixtures and furnishings.

Decorative Products Division; 8339 Telegraph Road; Odenton, MD 21113-1397

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