High-Precision Guiding and Centring with HASCO's New Locating Units Z09/..., Z071/..., Z072/..., Z085/..., Z060/..., Z080/...

The new HASCO locating units have been developed specifically for use in high-precision moulds, and comply in particular with the very strict demands of the medical, packaging and food industries.

Through the possibility of processing and assembly from the mould parting surface, the customer can enjoy the maintenance friendliness he has come to expect with the proven HASCO mould units.

High-precision guiding and centring of mould plates in injection moulding tools and diecasting moulds is thus guaranteed.

Developed especially for high-precision tools, the new flat locating unit Z09/... is a combination of pre-centring with a guide tolerance of 0.03-0.05mm followed by high-precision final centring with a tolerance of 0.002-0.012mm, which not only protects the core inserts in the moulds but also ensures high accuracy and service life. The Z09/... is ideal for use in multi-cavity moulds where it is important for inserts on the fixed mould half and on the moving mould half to be in precise alignment to each other.

Due to there compact size, the locating units can be installed directly where it matters - close to the delicate inserts themselves. In the cavity, the Z09/... compensates for tolerances and heat distortions between the mould plate and the mould insert.

The new rectangular guide bar Z071/... in combination with the guide retainer Z072/... and the flat locating unit Z085/... also sets new standards in precision. With a narrow tolerance, precise and reliable guiding and centring of mould plates or stripper plates in injection moulding and diecasting moulds is ensured. Consistent tolerance across all sizes from 0.002-0.012mm makes precise guiding and centring possible.

The innovative new locating unit Z09/..., rectangular guide bar Z071/... and flat guide bar Z085/... are available in 2 versions, Type 1 of 1.2379 hardened 58/60HRC and Type 2 additionally with a DLC coating.

The DLC coating is noted for its extremely low coefficients of friction and high level of hardness. Optimum anti-friction properties and maximum corrosion protection are thus guaranteed. In addition, a much higher service life is achieved for the moulds.

All three innovative components are ideal for use in the food and medical sectors because no additional lubrication is needed (dry running).

The new flat locating unit Z060/... and the pre-centring unit Z080/... are available in four sizes in the HASCO product program. Coordinated to the distance ring Z081/..., the Z060/... enables precise, conical mould centring. Through the angular form, coordination in the mould is simplified and an additional pin is not required.

Z080/... is used especially for the centring of mould plates, e.g. on the hot half. Two-dimensional mould centring, with locking to prevent transversal forces in the mould and a constant tolerance across all sizes (tolerance 0.004-0.016mm) make accurate guiding and locating possible.

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