High Powered Fused Optical Components come with GlasSolderâ„¢ bonding technology.

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High Powered Fused Optical Components are suitable for sensors, lasers, downhole, space and medical environments. Handling up to 150W power, units are built with heat dissipation packaging and comes in singlemode, multimode and PM fibers with packaging options for bare fiber or 900 micron jacket.

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Gould Fiber Optics Offers Powerful Solutions -Announcing Gould’s High Power Fused Optical Components

Gould Fiber Optics, a leading U.S. manufacturer and supplier of premium passive fiber optic components and integrated modules to the medical/OCT, laser, sensors and aerospace/military industries, introduces its line of High Powered Fused Optical Components.

Built using Gould’s patented GlasSolder™ bonding technology combined with our high power packaging capability, Gould is able to manufacture its component line of fused optical fiber splitters, power combiners and wavelength combiners suitable for high power applications. The High Powered Fused Optical Components are designed, manufactured and tested in our U.S. based manufacturing facility. All components demonstrate exceptional mechanical and environmental stability. The high power rated components made of fused PM, singlemode and multimode fibers are built with outstanding heat dissipation packaging and design considerations exhibiting an exceptional optical performance and high power handling up to 150W. Available in singlemode, multimode and PM fibers with packaging options for bare fiber or 900 micron jacket. Gould’s fiber optic components have proven longevity, high reliability and have been tested to withstand harsh environmental changes. High powered fused optical components are ideal for use where your application demands higher power. Ideal for use in environments such as sensors, lasers, downhole, space and medical.

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Gould Technology, is the first name in fiber optic couplers and passive fiber optic components. Product examples: couplers/splitters, high power and multi-wavelength pump and power combiners, polarization maintaining products, micro optics and planar. Additionally, Gould is a leading provider of customized, fully tested advanced integrated optical solutions to the military, aerospace, sensors and telecommunications industries. The company was a pioneer in fiber optics technology, commercializing products as early as 1983. The company holds numerous patents on fiber optic components and manufacturing processes, and has partnered with major companies in the development of optical solutions and products which could be found on the ocean floor, in space, and around the house. Gould is ISO 9001-2015 certified, Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221, ITAR and RoHS compliant. For more information, call toll-free: 1-800-544-6853 or visit www.gouldfo.com.


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