High-power Straight + Angle Grinders In Compact Form

The 1530 Watt "All-Rounder"

SUHNER Abrasive expert presents a new series of powerful electric straight and angle grinders. The two-hand operation machines with the type designations USK 3-R, USK 6-R and USK 15-R (straight grinders) and UWK 10-R (angle grinder) are currently the most compact machines of the 1530 Watt class. Weight not including cable is only 2.9 or 2.6 kilos.

The market demand for even more powerful electric hand tools with small dimensions led to the development of the USK and UWK series. The machines offer 50 % more power for the same size compared to previous models. The new motors are also exceptionally strong at lower motor speeds and remain only hand-hot even under high workloads. The newly styled machines in SUHNER ergonomic design lie comfortably in the hand and are easily operated. The typical SUHNER robust machine construction is complemented by high-class features:

The continuously adjustable digital tachometer electronics guarantees
constant operating speed and high running smoothness under all loads.

The softstart feature goes easy on both motor and tool. The PTC thermal
monitoring effectively protects against overheating and prevents motor

The new powerhouses from SUHNER are available in three versions: The straight grinder USK 3-R, with a speed of from 1400 to 3000 rpm, is suitable for polishing work extending to high-gloss mirror finishes. With a speed of from 2800 to 5800 rpm, the USK 6-R model is especially suited to universal work with abrasive belts, fleece belts and grinding rollers. The high-speed version USK 15-R, with 6800 to 14,500 rpm, offers the best solution for grinding and milling work and unfolds its full potential with
carbide milling cutters that really go to town.

The angle grinder UWK 10-R, with a speed of from 10,000 to 4600 rpm, is suitable
for continuous use under the tough conditions in metal construction.

Compact, 1530 Watts strong and yet lean - the electric straight and angle grinders
of the new USK and UWK series from SUHNER represent a new performance class in hand-held machines.

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