High Power RF Calibration System with uncertainty less than 1%.

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Applied in directional power sensors and RF Wattmeters, High Power RF Calibration System operates at 250 kHz to 3 GHz. Unit comes with optional systems like signal generation, amplification, filters, control software and RF calorimeter. System provides high precision due to exclusive flow calorimeter that converts incident RF power into heat with traceability to SI units. Using portable 250W AC power input, system can be used on-site and can be fully automated.

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TEGAM’s New High Power Calibration System’s has Unmatched Accuracy due to an Exclusive Flow Calorimeter Designed to Provide Low Uncertainties and Convenient Traceability.

High Power RF Calibration System for Directional Power Sensors and Wattmeters

TEGAM, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative RF Power measurement instruments, recently released a High Power RF Calibration System that for directional power sensors and RF Wattmeters from virtually all manufacturers including Bird Technologies. The system operates from 250 kHz to 3 GHz and up to 250W with combined uncertainty less than 1%. This frequency range covers the ISM, Land Mobile Radio and common mobile phone bands.

The TEGAM High Power Calibration System can be purchased as separate components to augment a customer’s existing hardware or a as a turn-key system for immediate productivity. Properly configured, it can completely automate calibrating an RF Lab’s workload to meet or exceed the original manufacturers’ specifications. A fully optioned system includes: signal generation, amplification, filters, control software, working standards and an RF calorimeter.

The basis for the High Power Calibration System’s unmatched accuracy is TEGAM’s exclusive flow calorimeter designed to convert incident RF power into heat with low uncertainties and convenient traceability to SI units. System calibration is also fully automated and achieved on site through a portable AC power standard to minimize station down time. This standard can be sent to most national metrology institutes to provide traceability at the highest level.

“The HPC system is the results of a significant development project at TEGAM and far exceeded our goal for the lowest uncertainty achievable anywhere in the world” said CEO Andy Brush who led the development team. “This system opens up truly traceable RF power measurements to any facility that requires it for their operation” continued Brush.

To learn more about TEGAM’s High Power RF Calibration System, visit the TEGAM website and search for “High Power RF”.

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