High Power MMIC Amplifiers

Mini-Circuits is the global leader in RF, IF and microwave signal processing components. With microwave componet manufacturing spanning over 25 product lines Mini-Circuits has come to be recognized as the first and most reliable source for electronic design engineers. IF/RF microwave component solutions from DC to 21 GHz with over 10,000 models to choose from. Power splitters, frequency mixers, & RF microwave amplifiers are featured along with a broad range and variety of surface mount, plug- in and coaxial components. Now introducing a new line of MMIC amplifiers offering a high dynamic range .

Announcing a dual matched MMIC (microwave monolithic integrated circuit) amplifier 50 ohms, range 0.05 to 3 GHz for push pull & balanced amplifiers. Mini-Circuits PHA-11+ is a dual matched wideband amplifier fabricated using advanced E-PHEMT technology, offering high dynamic range (High IP3 and Low NF) for use in 50 and 75 ohm applications. Exceptionally high IP2 has been demonstrated in wideband 50 and 75 ohm amplifiers evaluation boards. Combining this with low noise figure to enable it for use in exceptionally high dynamic range amplifiers.

Also available are ultra low noise MMIC's amplifiers with 50 ohms and 0.05 to 4 GHz range. High IP3 / low current, 30mA at 3V make this expanded series of amplifiers the right choice for design engineers with application needs for primary wireless communication bands; cellular BCS, LTE & WiMAX.

Since 1969 Mini-Circuits has provided signal processing solutions. Full range of frequency mixers, power splitters / combiners from 2 way to 48 way, fixed & digital step attenuators, low insertion loss directional couplers, low pass, high pass and bandpass filters lead the way of our extensive product line.

Engineers search by product line or search with our unique model search engine YONI 2. YONI 2 searches millions of data points from thousands of models to find a solution to meet your specific request. Complete data on all models enables a quick evaluation of product performance. Featuring a commitment to innovation our products are hi-rel and ultra-rel with a 5 year gaurantee. A partner program is offeredto lower customers cost. IT (innovative technology) products offer smaller size, and better performace for a lower cost. Our Blue Cell product lines offer low temperature co-fired ceramic models. Surface mount products are available in Tape 'n Reel. Quality assurance certified to ISO 9001, certified aerospace standard AS9100, environmental regulations ISO 14001 certified and products are RoHS compliant.

International manufacturing and sales offices provide world wide distribution, contact us for world wide tech support call 718-934-4500, 800-654-7949 or customer service Fax; 718-934-7092, email us at sales@minicircuits or visit our website www.minicircuits.com for all our contact and product information.

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