High-Power Laser Diode Drivers are offered in 4 models.

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Models 5700-30-5 (30 A, 5 V) and 5700-80-7 (80 A, 7.5 V) are designed for single-bar multi-emitter diodes while 5700-100 (100 A, 30 V) and 5700-150 (150 A, 20 V) models, utilizing 3,000 W supply, are suited for stacked multibar, multi-emitter lasers. All models include USB 2.0 interface enabling full LIV characterization of laser diodes. Various protection features are included and DB25 connector satisfies signal I/O requirements. Units offer continuous wave or pulsed-current mode of operation.

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Newport Introduces High Power Laser Diode Drivers

Irvine, CA - Jan. 20, 2009 - Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in lasers and photonics solutions, announces the new 5700 Series High Power Laser Diode Drivers, available in four different models with various maximum current and compliant voltage levels. The 5700-30-5 (30A - 5V) and the 5700-80-7 (80A - 7.5V) models are designed for use with single-bar multi-emitter laser diodes. The 5700-100 (100A - 30V) and 5700-150 (150A-20V) are ideal for stacked multi-bar, multi-emitter lasers. The latter models both use a notable 3000W power supply to provide the highest possible power output to drive the most advanced devices that are currently used for research in laser development laboratories.

The flexible 5700 Series' features include continuous wave (CW) or pulsed-current mode of operation with the option of either local or remote control. Full LIV characterization of laser diodes is attainable via the USB2.0 interface; software drivers are provided with the instrument. Enhanced safety features protect the laser diode during setup mode by preventing incorrect settings, and when the instrument is powered off, program settings are saved in the non-volatile memory. Comprehensive laser diode protection is provided through a variety of measures: transient filtering, intermittent contact protection, independent current limit and power limit settings, and a slow turn-on sequence. Users may change setup parameters, as needed, to facilitate multiple test requirements, making these devices ideal for R&D, manufacturing, and quality control.

For all signal input/output requirements, including the TTL input and output interlock, current monitor, and voltage monitor, a convenient, single DB25 connector is used.

A DB25 connector interlock is also included in the instrument.

"By addressing the fast evolving high power laser diode technologies with the ever-increasing driving current requirement, Newport is excited to announce the new 5700 Series High Power Laser Diode Drivers. Our focus is on meeting key performance specifications to deliver products that are more affordable, easier to operate, and easier to integrate in a laser characterization or burn-in systems," notes Jay Jeong, Product Marketing Manager, Newport Corporation.

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