High Power Connectors suit electric/hybrid-electric vehicles.

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Apex® 950 connectors offer current capacity of up to 150 A, while RCS-800 terminals feature 8 mm round pin and high number of contact points for operation up to 250 A. Surface platings protect against damage caused by arcing, and 2-step mating process and 3 sec delay between power cutoff and release promotes safety. Terminals are encased in plastic protective grid that physically prevents them being touched, and interlock device ensures that there is no risk of unmating during load.

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FCI Unveils Ground-Breaking High Power Connector Designs for Electric Vehicles(EV) and Hybrid-Electric Vehicles (HEV)

For the first time at Electronica Show in Munich, FCI will unveil several innovative high power connector solutions developed to face the booming demand of high performance from virtually all Automotive OEM worldwide and starting with Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) programs scheduled for launch in 2010/11.

Building on FCI Motorized Vehicle (MVL) division's expertise in the automotive sector, the new RCS and APEX high power connector ranges do incorporate a series of ground-breaking features that reflect the unique challenges presented by EV and HEV applications.

In developing APEX and RCS High Power connector families, FCI succeeds to introduce almost simultaneously two very innovative terminal technologies: Apex® 950, benefiting from FCI's unique Apex cost effective design to reach current carrying capacity up to 150A, and new RCS-800 terminals featuring a novel 8 mm round pin design that facilitates more efficient use of space than an equivalent square terminal. These round RCS terminals also provide a high number of contact points and can operate up to 250A and above, depending on exact customer's specification. Moreover, special surface platings have been employed to protect against the possibility of surface damage caused by arcing.

The housing developed for high power interconnections is equally innovative. The incorporation of a unique, 2-step mating process guarantees the connectors cannot be disconnected while high currents are applied. Two separate movements are required of the user, and there is a three second delay between the power being cut off and connector being free for release.

This novel safety device is supplemented by a number of other features drawn from FCI's extensive portfolio of automotive connector housing solutions. The terminals are encased in a plastic protective grid that physically prevents them being touched. FCI's solution does feature an "interlock" device too ensuring that there is no risk of unmating during load. Additionally, the company's ErgoMate axial mating system helps achieving a lower profile solution while reducing both mating forces and chance of mis-mating. Last but not least, high levels of shielding and sealing are employed to offer best-in-class interconnect solutions for EV and HEV.

FCI MVL division is equally committed to an 'open tool' philosophy - with the APEX and RCS solutions, the company has taken a modular approach, ensuring optimum flexibility to match specific application requirements. As a result, tailor made solutions can be implemented within the tightest possible time-to-market parameters, and at the lowest possible cost.

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