High Pile Stitch Machine produces smooth, flat seams.

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Designed for end-to-end continuous loop process seaming with butt-seaming machines, 70-D3B2-HPF (High Pile Fabric) machine integrates all features needed to process thickest and densest pile materials. Short thread path results in precise, consistent, and uniform stitch placement, while titanium plated cutters promote materials feeding efficiency. Extra-wide presser foot compresses deepest pile, while aggressive differential feed system grips material securely.

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Merrow Launches High Pile Stitch Solution

Wareham, MA - June 27, 2007 - Merrow, Inc.® today introduced its Merrow High-Pile Solution for end-to-end continuous loop process seaming with butt-seaming machines.

The 70-D3B2-HPF (High Pile Fabric) machine is engineered exclusively for the high-pile application with the features needed to process even the thickest, densest pile materials with precision, ease, and reliability.

"The high-pile solution is one of many application-specific, customized products that we are able to provide to our end-users," said Merrow's CEO, Charles Merrow. "A valued customer came to us with a problem they were having in processing material and our team was able to provide a great solution."


Merrow has an 80-year track record with its base butt-seaming machine, the 70-D3B-2.

The Merrow 70-D3B/HPF is a machine designed for simplicity, economy, and longevity, and is hand-built from the inside-out for high-pile sewing. The exquisitely engineered, ultra-compact machine keeps the thread path short, which results in stitch placement that is precise, consistent, and uniform, even in challenging high-pile materials.

Each Merrow 70-D3B/HPF is outfitted in every way for successful high-pile handling. Cutters installed on the machine are titanium plated for razor sharp cuts and an approximately one-third longer life span even when cutting through knife-dulling synthetic piles. The sharpest cut means no drag and superior materials feeding.

The extra-wide presser foot, specifically suited for processing larger fabrics, compresses the deepest pile while the aggressive differential feed system grips the material securely.

Together, the cutters, presser foot, feed system, and needle mechanisms work in perfect harmony, resulting in smooth, flat, consistent stitching that delivers no bulk, butted-seams, on even the most challenging of materials.

The 70-D3B/HPF is specifically applicable to factories processing paint-roller and high-pile carpet fabrics.

Smooth, flat seems, executed quickly by the Merrow 70-D3B/HPF machine translates to minimal waste and increased speed and productivity.

Pricing & Availability
The Merrow 70-D3B/HPF will be available in July 2007 for $2,899. The 70-D3B/HPF will be sold in the US direct and through certified Merrow distributors.

Merrow machines are covered by 30-year warranties on cam, shafts, and housing frame.

Merrow has a proud heritage of installing innovation and precision engineering on every machine. Ease of use, clean operation, and refined components reflect more than 167 years of leadership in the textile industry.

For more information on the High Pile Machine 70-D3B-2, please visit: highpile.net www.merrow.com email: info@merrow.com

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