High Performance Toolholder for Micro Machining

Special consideration must be made for micro-machining, which is why SCHUNK is offering the TRIBOS-RM precision toolholder as the best solution for micro machining with the ISO interface. The one-piece, rotationally symmetric design ensures long life of the machine spindles and the complete transmission of power.

Unlike heat shrink clamping, the TRIBOS-RM achieves steady tool clamping that will not distort the toolholder. The user will always benefit from a precise run-out accuracy of less than 0.003 mm, which is optimal with small tools for micro machining.

The TRIBOS-RM is designed for high spindle speeds of up to 60,000 rpm in high-speed cutting, making it ideal for the high speeds involved in micro-machining. Sizes ISO 10 D 1 - 6 mm are available. The balancing grade is G 2.5 at 25,000 rpm.


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