High-Luminosity LEDs offers low thermal resistance,.

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Suited for solid-state lighting, XcelLED(TM) EHP-AX08/P01 (1 W) and EHP-AX08/P03 (3 W) LEDs feature silicon lens and luminous flux up to 90 lumen/W. Both series are supplied in 8 x 8 mm x 5.7 mm SOP and handle reflow soldering temperatures. Silicon encapsulation prevents accelerated degradation, while thermal resistance of 15°C/W (typ) helps optimize heat control. Each series offers choice of 4 lenses, 8 basic colors, and star heat sink for each configuration.

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Everlight XcelLED(TM) High-Power LEDs Combine High Luminosity (90 Lumens per Watt) and Low Thermal Resistance in Wide Variety of Package Formats

New 1- and 3-Watt EHP-AX08 families offer design flexibility in a range of solid-state lighting designs

CARROLLTON, Texas -- February 15, 2008 -- Everlight Electronics Co.Ltd . (TSE: 2393) today introduces 1- and 3-Watt high-power LEDs that deliver high luminosity, long operating life and system efficiency in a broad range of solid-state lighting designs. Part of Everlight's XcelLED(TM) series, the EHP-AX08/P01 (1-Watt) and EHP-AX08/P03 (3-Watt) families are among the highest-flux emitters on the market. Applications that benefit from EHP-AX08 LEDs include general lighting (fluorescent replacements, downlighting, mood lighting), backlighting (CFFL replacement in LCD TVs and screens), automotive lighting (interior and exterior signaling and lighting), as well as architectural, aerospace and emergency lighting.

Everlight's EHP-AX08 emitters feature a silicon lens, high luminous flux (up to 90 lm/W) and low thermal resistance (15°C/W, Typ.). Sized in an industry-standard 8 mm x 8 mm x 5.7 mm SOP package, these LEDs are designed to handle higher reflow soldering temperatures and, unlike other packaging methods, their silicon encapsulation prevents accelerated degradation. EHP-AX08 devices optimize heat control by providing low thermal resistance, alleviating a primary concern in LED applications. And, in addition to increasing brightness, EHP-AX08 LEDs save power since their high-lumens output allows the LED to be driven at lower currents.

Furthermore, Everlight's two EHP-AX08 LED families increase design flexibility by offering many different configurations and device options. Each LED in both the 1- and 3-Watt family, for instance, offers a choice of four lenses (Lambertian, Batwing, Side-emitting, and Focus), eight basic colors including white (and at least two versions of each), as well as a star heat sink for each configuration. Along with all available device options, Everlight offers precise binning for luminous flux, forward voltage, dominant wavelength and color temperature, allowing strictly regulated end solutions.

"By reaching up to 90 lumens, Everlight's new high-power EHP-AX08 LEDs meet the growing market demand for brighter products," said Ewing Liu, Everlight's High Power/High Bright technical marketing manager. "Moreover, the many device options offered by both the 1- and 3-Watt families provide total design flexibility in an array of solid-state lighting applications."

Price: Ranging from approximately US$ 1.00 for standard, 1-Watt versions to US$ 2.20 for 3-Watt versions (in production quantities).

Availability: Now

Delivery: 10 to 12 weeks lead-time. (Sales contact information). Everlight offers buffer inventory services on request, as well as module and custom design services.

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