High-Lumen CFLs operate without gels in film applications.

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SHOWBIZ® Cinema Plus High Lumen Biax lamps are offered in series F55BX/CINEMA32 for indoor applications and F55BX/CINEMA56 for use outdoors. Fully dimmable to 1% with ANSI-approved dimming systems, each lamp operates on flicker-free electronic ballasts. They utilize rare-earth and full-spectrum phosphors to achieve color rendering index of 95, allowing color matching with quartz halogen/HID light sources. Units maintain 90% brightness through 2,000 hr of use.

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GE Broadens SHOWBIZ® Cinema Fluorescent Line; New Cinema Plus High Lumen Biax Lamps Perform without Gels in Film Applications

CLEVELAND - GE Lighting broadens its SHOWBIZ® Cinema Fluorescent product line with the creation and introduction of its Cinema Plus High Lumen Biax lamp category and two new, full-spectrum, compact-fluorescent lighting products: the F55BX/CINEMA32 for indoor applications and F55BX/CINEMA56 for outdoor applications. The new Cinema Plus lamps maintain the advantages of cinema fluorescent products-lower heat, higher efficiency, reduced electricity costs, longer life and softer light-while adding the time-saving convenience of not needing to use gels in TV, still photography and film applications.

"We're excited about how GE's Cinema Plus lamps with full-spectrum phosphor blends can affect the efficiency of film, TV and still photography operations," says Nick Iacobucci, GE's SHOWBIZ Cinema Fluorescent product manager. "Eliminating the need for gels is a huge development. GE is charting new territory with products that can make lighting operations faster and more agile."

Designed for today's smaller, lightweight fixtures, GE's new SHOWBIZ Cinema Plus lamps offer many of the same performance characteristics as GE's SHOWBIZ Cinema lamps. Fully dimmable to one percent with ANSI-approved dimming systems, each lamp operates on flicker-free electronic ballasts. And just like GE's SHOWBIZ Cinema Biax 32 and 55 fluorescent lamps, the new Cinema Plus products use rare-earth and full-spectrum phosphors to achieve a color rendering index of 95, a figure that enables color matching with quartz halogen and HID light sources.

The color emissions of the SHOWBIZ Cinema Plus lamps respond to the spectral sensitivity curves of film and electronic imaging media, eliminating the green spikes common with older or less advanced cinema fluorescent products. Color drift in the Cinema Plus lamps is minimal over the rated life of the products. Additionally, Cinema Plus lamps offer notable brightness stability, maintaining 90 percent of initial brightness through 2000 hours of use.

GE also produces Cinema Plus covRguard(TM) lamps for stage and studio operations that use open light banks, move lamps around on sets or transport them for location shooting. The exclusive GE covRguard casing offers industry-leading shatter resistance and containment of broken glass and gases.

Developed through the GE Six Sigma process, the two new Cinema Plus lamps fill out GE's full range of SHOWBIZ Cinema Fluorescent lamps. Like every GE SHOWBIZ product, SHOWBIZ Cinema Fluorescent and Cinema Plus lamps incorporate the latest lighting technologies. Produced to world-class standards, the entire GE SHOWBIZ product line is packaged in biodegradable materials.

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