High-Intensity Luminaire delivers 10,000 or 20,000 lumens.

Press Release Summary:

Constructed with CREE LED chips, RSLED carries hazardous location approvals in accordance with North American and World Wide Approval standards, enabling illumination of sites that contain ignitable gas or dust. Unit offers 3 input voltage options of 120–300 Vdc, 90–277 Vac, or 347–477 Vac. Several beam angles allow mounting heights from 10–600 ft. With temperature range of -40 to +55°C, IP65-rated fixture can operate maintenance-free for 100,000 hours, or 10 years of constant use.

Original Press Release:

Hazardous Location Lighting System - 10 Years of Constant Light Without Changing a Bulb

Nemalux, a Calgary based manufacturer for industrial LED lights, announces the release of the RSLED high intensity luminaire, a single product providing maintenance-free illumination for industries including oil & gas, construction, pulp & paper, mining and chemical processing. Available with 10,000 and 20,000 delivered Lumen versions, this new light fixture carries hazardous location approvals in accordance with North American and World Wide Approval standards. The certified design allows this power-saving fixture to illuminate sites that contain ignitable gas or dust.

“We’ve produced something that the industry has been requesting for a while: A powerful LED fixture that meets hazardous location standards.” says founder Jode Himann. “Not only is it using half the power as traditional lights, but this product is a versatile fit for so many different applications.” Multiple input voltage options make it a popular choice for applications like heavy duty cranes (120-300 VDC), area lighting for oil & gas processing / storage facilities (90-277 VAC or 347-477 VAC), portable light towers and flood/spot lighting for a variety of vessels and heavy duty equipment. Several beam angles allow options for mounting heights ranging from 10 to 600 feet (3-180 meters). Mounting choices include wall pack, high bay, low bay, pole mount and remote junction box.

The RSLED is an industrial, wet location (IP65), hazardous area Class 1 Division 2, Class 2 Division 1 approved LED light. It’s designed to compete and outperform 400 Watt Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium fixtures in brightness with the advantage of using half the electricity. Clients have been especially pleased with the ability to operate maintenance free for 100,000 hours, or 10 years of constant, 24/7 use.

Constructed with USA made, CREE LED chips, the RSLED boasts higher light quality alongside proven longevity. Designed and manufactured in Canada, Nemalux demonstrates their focus is reliable lighting, maximum safety and peace of mind.


• Class I, Division 2 Groups ABCD;

• Class I, Zone 2, IIC, T4

• Class II, Division 1 & 2, Groups EFG; Class III, T4

• IP65

• -40º C ~+55º C Operating Temperature Range

• VAC: 90-277 VAC | HDC: 120-300VDC | 347: 347-477 VAC

Head Office: 915 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta. Canada, T2G 0S5  P: 403.242.7475  F: 403.243.6190

E: info@nemalux.com  W: http://www.nemalux.com

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