High-Gloss Polysiloxane withstands corrosive environments.

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In just 2 coats, Sher-Loxane™ 800 provides high-gloss finish to bridges, water tanks, structural steel, and many other steel surfaces. Smooth finish offers long-term color and gloss retention, as well as resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion. Formulated without isocyanates, high-solids Sher-Loxane™ 800 has less than 100 g/l VOC, so it meets stringent environmental regulations. Users can apply product via spray, brush, or roller without thinning.

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Sherwin-Williams Launches High-Solids, High-Gloss Polysiloxane for Highly Corrosive Environments

Sher-Loxane™ 800 enhances aesthetics and durability while saving costs

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Delivering long-term asset protection in the most aggressive service conditions, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has released Sher-Loxane™ 800, a versatile, high-performance polysiloxane coating that offers enhanced durability and aesthetics, as well as cost savings. Sher-Loxane 800 provides a high-gloss finish to bridges, water tanks, structural steel, and many other steel surfaces in just two coats, reducing total operational costs for a better bottom line.

The glossy, smooth finish of Sher-Loxane 800 offers exceptional long-term color and gloss retention, as well as excellent corrosion and chemical resistance that rivals that of conventional three-coat systems. It also features excellent adhesion properties and high abrasion resistance.

Whether applied as a single coat or in combination with a primer, Sher-Loxane 800 eliminates one step of the coating system, saving applicators both time and money. A single coat of the product takes the place of an epoxy and polyurethane topcoat system, while a two-coat system of Sher-Loxane 800 over a zinc primer replaces traditional three-coat systems using zinc primers, epoxies, and polyurethanes. One less coat increases overall job profitability by reducing product and labor costs while enabling a faster return to service. The high-solids, high-gloss poly siloxane’s long-term durability also reduces costs by extending maintenance intervals.

“Sher-Loxane 800 is formulated without isocyanates, and has less than 100 g/l VOC, so it meets stringent environmental regulations,” said Danica Zeise, Product Manager, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings. “We expect users to experience significant efficiencies related to fewer coats and labor hours, less waste compared to traditional zinc, epoxy, and urethane systems, and extended coating life cycles and maintenance intervals.”

Sher-Loxane 800 is compatible with prepared steel, primed substrates, and previously coated surfaces. Users can apply the product via spray, brush, or roller without thinning, giving them options to match application methods with working conditions.

High-performance Sher-Loxane 800 is recommended for use in a wide variety of markets and applications, including bridges, water tanks, structural steel, architectural structures, ships, offshore platforms, piping, roller coasters, heavy equipment, and more.

Sherwin-Williams is a global protective and marine coatings company that delivers smarter asset protection and unmatched service and specification support to its customers from over 4,000 locations worldwide. From alkyds to zincs, the company offers a complete line of time-tested, high-performance coatings and systems to combat corrosion, supported by the largest group of NACE-certified coatings inspectors in the industry. With 150 years in business and a culture of product innovation, Sherwin-Williams today is the single source of supply for coatings solutions made to your specifications and delivered on time, every time.

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