High Friction Belt facilitates tight product transfer.

Press Release Summary:

Used in material handling applications, M1220 GripTop 0.5 in. high-friction HabasitLINK plastic modular belt conveys products up inclines to 25°. Abrasion-resistant polypropylene belt is driven by universal 0.5 in. sprockets and has 0.63 in. nosebar diameter that facilitates tight transfers. Optimized for transport of boxes, crates, and paper-based products where conveyors operate 24 hr/day, product is also available with white food-quality rubber.

Original Press Release:

Habasit Extends High Friction GripTop Belt Product Line for Tight Transfer

M1220 GripTop 0.5" holds strong for steep incline and decline conveyors

Reinach, Basel - 16 December 2004 - Habasit, the world's leading lightweight conveyor belt manufacturer, announced the M1220 GripTop 0.5", a new high friction HabasitLINK plastic modular belt.

The M1220 GripTop 0.5" allows for steep incline and decline conveyors, making it ideal for all material handling applications where high product adhesion is required. In particular, the transport of boxes, crates, and paper-based products where traditional conveyors often operate 24 hours per day. M1220 GripTop 0.5" is also available with white food-quality rubber for carrying wrapped or unwrapped food products.

M1220 GripTop 0.5" can easily operate up to 25° incline (dependent on product material, shape and density).

The M1220 GripTop 0.5" is an abrasion resistant and exceptionally strong polypropylene belt that allows long conveyor lengths, in spite of the small pitch. With a nosebar diameter of only 16 mm (0.63"), tight transfers are easily achieved.

The M1220 GripTop 0.5" is driven by universal 0.5" sprockets, which are also suitable for all other M1200, 0.5" HabasitLINK belt types - a feature unique to Habasit that helps customers simplify the complexity of their plant's modular belt inventory and maintenance. GripTop and standard modules may be combined in one belt offering a wide range of surface patterns. Available accessories include sideguards and flights.

M1220 GripTop 0.5" is available in the following FDA-conforming combinations: white Polypropylene material - white abrasion-resistant rubber gray Polypropylene material - black abrasion-resistant rubber

For more information on HabasitLINK, including the new M1220 GripTop 0.5" please visit www.HabasitLINK.com or contact your Habasit representative today.

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