High Frequency Amplifiers features single-drawer design.

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Supporting frequency range of 1.0-18.0 GHz, S/T 20 Series features compact design in single drawer measuring 7 x 19 x 24 in., depending on power level and options. Applications include MIL-STD-461/462, RTCA/D0-160, SAE Specifications, Radiated Susceptibility, Bellcore testing, and broadband communications.

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Introduction High Frequency Compact Amplifiers

IFI is the leader in amplifier technology, originally founded in 1953 and now the only manufacturer building product in house from DC - 40GHz. IFI - a.k.a. Instruments for Industry "The Power of Choice" - manufactures low, medium and high power amplifiers; CW amplifiers with power levels to 5000 watts and Pulse amplifiers to 50,000 watts. IFI now engineers an industry first with compact designs in a single drawer.

Our S/T 20 series amplifiers have a frequency range of 1.0 - 18.0 GHz. The units are compact designs in a single drawer 7"H x 19"W x 24"D (depending on the power level and options). Applications for this series include MIL-STD-461/462, RTCA/D0-160, SAE Specifications, Radiated Susceptibility, Bellcore testing, broadband communications.

IFI manufactures a full range of TWT, Solid State and Tetrode tube amplifiers, as well as Antennas, E-Field sensors, TEM cells and other RF & Microwave accessories. Customers can purchase a complete solution for all their testing requirements from a single source. IFI is offering "Single Amplifier Solutions" from 10KHz to 1 GHz, 0.8GHz to 18GHz and 18GHz to 40GHz. These single amplifier solutions are ideal for Bellcore testing, simplifying the customer's test setups and providing time savings for other necessary lab tasks.

IFI products are used for ECM/EW simulators and EMC/RF testing applications, by the automotive, aircraft, military, medical, electronics, wireless, communications and educational markets. IFI offers customers the ability of tailoring our products for the required application. We can add, delete or configure our amplifier products to best fit any customer's need. See our Amplifier option list @ www.ifi.com.

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