High Flow Control Valve includes electronic meter.

Press Release Summary:

Equipped with ¾ in. electronic meter, High Flow Control Valve enables accurate flow measurement for dispensing of engine, hydraulic, and diesel oil. Meter measures and displays fluid delivery in quarts, pints, gallons, or liters and provides total in gallons or liters. System includes ¾ in. flexible or rigid extension hose, automatic On/Manual Off nozzle tip, and rubber guard for protection from damage.

Original Press Release:

High Flow Control Valve With Electronic Meter

This valve has all the same features as the standard High Flow Control Valve - with the addition of an electronic meter for accurate high flow measurement for the dispensing of engine, hydraulic and diesel oil.


o 3/4" Electronic Meter

o Automatic On/Manual Off nozzle tip

o 3/4" Flexible or Rigid Extension Hose

o Electronic digital readout

o Measures and displays fluid delivery in Quarts, Pints, Gallons, or Liters and provides the total in Gallons or Liters

o Rubber guard protects meter from damage

o Easy to calibrate and change unit of measure on front panel

o Uses (2) standard AAA batteries - easy access with Coin Screw on back of the meter

o Low battery indicator

o Memory stays inact while battery is being replaced

o Handle Locking Lever

o Rugged Steel Construction

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