High Desert Church Relies on FOR-A's HVS-2000 Video Switcher for Multi-Site Video Streaming

Cypress, CA, May 25, 2016 - California’s High Desert Church is a multi-site house of worship with four campuses that serve a total congregation of over 8,000 people. Looking for a switcher that enabled them to live stream sermons from their main campus to their other sites, High Desert turned to FOR-A. The church recently purchased the company’s HVS-2000 video switcher to fulfill all of the growing congregation’s video production needs.

High Desert Church’s pastors speak live every weekend at their Victorville campus auditorium, and the HVS-2000 allows for a live IMAG cut at Victorville while also broadcasting to the house of worship’s other sites. The HVS-2000 offers plenty of inputs and outputs for the church’s needs, and its 12 AUX outputs gives operators more control over what’s being broadcasted.

High Desert Church capitalizes on the HVS-2000’s unique capabilities: “With the HVS-2000, I can use the MELite feature to transform a traditional AUX bus into a fully function M/E with cuts, mixes, wipes and keys. I love having this flexibility,” said Sam Pendergrass, Production Director, High Desert Church. “In some scenarios I don’t need a fully featured MELite, and in that case, I can simply throw a FLEXaKEY on an AUX output to place keyers in areas of the switchers where I need them. We have multi-image display walls, and it’s also very nice that the switcher can parse an image to different outputs. The ability to switch back and forth seamlessly without external processors is very convenient.”

High Desert Church has a team of volunteers that operate the switcher for all of their services. While the house of worship appreciates the flexibility and creative control that the switcher affords them, they also heavily rely on macros to maintain a consistent experience for the congregation between different sermons and operators.

Pendergrass explained, “The HVS-2000 is more than capable of handling our church’s video production needs, and we really like that it also leaves room for future expansion. FOR-A has been so helpful through every stage of our journey, and the entire purchase and configuration process was all very smooth. We’re very satisfied with our new switcher.”

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