High Bay Industrial Fixtures minimize lighting maintenance.

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Intended for high bay mounting heights of 18-105 ft, Industrial Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures feature one-bounce-and-out reflector design that focuses light only where it is needed, maximizing ftc/W consumed. Units employ T5H0 lamps that maintain up to 95% of lumen output over 20,000 hour rated life. Available in over 20 configurations, fixtures use specular reflector styles designed specifically for jobs requiring narrow, medium, or wide beam distribution.

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Precision High Bay Industrial Fixture Cuts Lighting Maintenance & Energy Costs

Westinghouse Lighting Solutions Offers an Alternative to Standard Facility Lighting

Philadelphia, PA (January 2007) - Westinghouse Lighting Solutions (WLS) offers a series of industrial fluorescent lighting fixtures that provide substantial energy reductions - up to 75% in case studies - without compromising light output. They are designed for high bay mounting heights of 18 feet to 105 feet.

Proprietary precision specular reflectors produce light fixture efficiencies of 98% and higher compared to the 65-70% fixture efficiency of metal halide fixtures.
Westinghouse fixtures reduce overhead costs and yield a return on investment in two years or less in typical industrial applications. WLS just completed lighting a 500,000 square: foot distribution facility that is adequately lit using .14 watts per square foot, a fraction of the ASHRAE Guideline of 1.2 watts per square foot.*
Facility owners can qualify for an EPACT 2005 tax credit in similar cases where LPD (Lighting Power Density) is reduced more than .6 watts per square foot.

The Westinghouse product has already been embraced by owner occupied warehouses of electrical distributors and consumer product companies. "The overhead savings from the Westinghouse industrial fixtures provide an easy way to impact a company's bottom line with real savings on power bills and maintenance costs without compromising light levels," states Jay Goodman, Managing Director of Westinghouse Lighting Solutions.

The proprietary "one bounce and out" reflector design focuses light only where it is needed, maximizing the foot candles per watt consumed. The entire fixture line employs T5H0 lamps, a high lumen fluorescent lamp. T5H0 lamps maintain up to 95% of lumen output over their 20,000 hour rated life compared to the 33% loss of light at just 8,000 hours for HID metal halide lamps. Compared to other fluorescent fixture manufacturers, WLS products can use 50% less energy while maintaining the same light levels. Alternately, WLS products can provide double the light for the same energy consumed.

The Westinghouse industrial fixture series is comprised of over twenty configurations
utilizing precision formed specular reflector styles designed specifically for jobs requiring Narrow, Medium, or Wide Beam distribution. WLS offers a fully assembled, ready to hang, lightweight aluminum lighting fixture utilizing the reflector style best suited for various industrial applications. By selecting universal voltage or 347-480V, current units can be replaced 1 to 1. These fixtures are UL/CUL listed and tested by independent labs to verify output and efficiency.

Regional Managers are available to discuss projects and provide point-to-point photometric layouts to meet specified foot candle requirements. For more information, call 1-800-671-6799 or visit www.westinghouselightingsolutions.com.

* ASHRAE is the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers.

Westinghouse Lighting Solutions
Westinghouse Lighting Solutions, an affiliate of Westinghouse Lighting Corporation, specializes in the design and manufacture of efficient, high-performance T5H0 High Bay fluorescent lighting fixtures for use in warehouse, industrial, and retail locations. For more information, please call 1-800-671-6799 or visit www.westinghouselightingsolutions.com

Westinghouse Lighting Corporation
Westinghouse Lighting Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of more than 5,000 lighting products, including light bulbs, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and decorative lighting hardware. Dedicated to offering the latest advancements in technology, Westinghouse Lighting Corporation provides lighting innovations for residential and commercial applications. For more information, visit us at www.westinghouselighting.com.

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