High Bay Fluorescent Lighting replaces HID fixtures.

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VersaBay® linear fluorescent high bay product uses Advanced Thermal Management (ATM) to dissipate and control heat-producing elements to prevent ballast overheating and other thermal issues. Heat distribution slots remove ballast heat from channel, and reflectors direct heat away from electrical components. Ballast is constructed of aluminum. Tool-less access to ballast compartment and access from below facilitates servicing.

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Columbia Lighting's VersaBay Linear Fluorescent High Bay Product Offerings

August 15, 2007, Greenville, SC - For those who install fluorescent fixtures with temperature sensitive electronic ballasts in unconditioned spaces, the risk of ballast failure is even greater when the luminaire is without a heat dissipation system.

VersaBay®, Columbia Lighting's linear fluorescent high bay product, provides the ultimate solution to ballast overheating and thermal issues. Fitted with Advanced Thermal Management (ATM), the VersaBay® high bay addresses the concerns of elevated temperature by creating a systems approach to properly dissipate and control the heat-producing elements.

With strong application advantages in warehouses, factories, and "big box" retail stores, the ATM system effectively replaces the conventional HID fixtures usually associated with high bay installations.

The VersaBay® system includes:

High performance, aluminum ballast providing superior heat dissipation,

Lamps and ballasts installed on the same plane as the electrical components to prevent lamp heat from entering the ballast channel,

Heat distribution slots along the channel to consistently remove ballast heat from channel, and

High performance reflectors that direct heat away from the electrical components.

The VersaBay® series is suited for one-for-one replacement for common HID high bays. By installing VersaBay® the user is covered by a 5-year ballast warranty in environments up to 65°C, and when suspended 6" or more below solid surfaces. The VersaBay® warranty is for both T8 and T5HO, and UL listing of 65°C for T5HO and 55°C for T8 (277 V).

While VersaBay® handles the problem of elevated temperatures, it also provides cost saving efficiencies and better illumination. Installing VersaBay high bays can achieve savings of over 50% in the cost of lighting. Even greater savings can be realized with EPAct2005 tax savings or through utility rebates.

In the unlikely event that VersaBay® luminaires require service, the quick tool-less access to the ballast compartment makes the task quick and easy by offering ballast access from below and does not require the removal of lamps, reflectors, or other components. Typically, when replacing 400 W metal halide systems with VersaBay luminaries, installation costs can be recovered in one year or less.

For further information contact Columbia Lighting, 701 Millennium Boulevard, Greenville, SC 29607, phone 864-678-1000 or visit Columbia's websites at www.columbialighting.com.

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