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Hex-Shape Fiber features heads with built-in lens.

Press Release Summary:

Mar 12, 2014 - Offering alternative to solutions with separate lenses, series E32-LT11N/E32-LD11N/E32-LR11NP with built-in lens and hex shape contain through-beam, retro-reflective, and diffuse reflective fiber models in M3–M6 sizes. All fibers feature flexible fiber wire to facilitate installation into machines. With spot angle of 15°, fiber provides allows much precision object positioning while reducing danger of side reflection and mutual interference.

Omron Automation & Safety - Hoffman Estates, IL

Original Press Release

Introducing New Hex-Shape Fiber Heads with Built-in Lens

Press release date: Feb 20, 2014

New version is packed with features and fixes

SCHAUMBURG, IL – As a global leader of fiber optic sensors, OMRON Automation and Safety enhanced our portfolio on optical fibers. The new hex shape fiber series with built-in lens combines significant performance enhancement with user-friendly mounting even in tight spaces. Offered at an affordable price they are an attractive alternative to solutions with separate lenses.

The new hex shape series E32-LT11N/E32-LD11N/E32-LR11NP contain through-beam, retro-reflective and diffuse reflective fiber models with M3 to M6 size. All fibers feature high-flexible fiber wire for easy installation into machines.

Increased usability and robustness

Hex-shape fiber heads provide significant advantages when mounting in machines, especially when space is limited.

Increased sensing distance and precision

By reducing the spot angle from 60° to 15°, the built-in lens fiber provides up to 10 times higher light intensity and allows much higher precision in object positioning compared to conventional fiber heads. In addition, it also reduces the danger of side reflection and mutual interference:

Built-in lens provides simplicity and reliability

New Fibers with a built-in lens eliminate possible failures of separate lenses that can loosen and fall off of conventional fibers. It also saves installation space and simplifies part selection and ordering.

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